Sick… Again! Really?!?

It’s been one of those winters where people are going to start thinking that I’m faking all this sickness as some kind of lame excuse. An excuse for why everything I am doing is so far behind schedule and always completely last minute. And lately, it is not my procrastination habit, but really, who would believe it? We went to a party on Saturday. The minute we walked in the door, Tsubaki started running a fever of 39.3. Where did that come from? It’s spring; we’re supposed to be done with this crap. Well, she still has the fever along … Continue reading

How to Kill Your Computer (in Less than a Second)

I almost had a panic attack yesterday. I thought that my computer had been killed. A few years ago, I learned something interesting about computers. There is a sensor in laptops (at least newer ones) that can tell if a laptop is falling. If you drop a laptop and the hard drive is “moving”, this sensor will kick in and stop the hard drive. This saves your computer’s hard drive (as long as the drop isn’t too extreme). But if you drop something on the computer, for example, a clock in my husband’s case, you are SOL. If the computer is off, you should … Continue reading

Speed Traps

The fact is that the US has nothing over Japan when it comes to speed traps. A speed trap in the US usually involves one patrol car staking out an area known for speeders and catching one car at a time. Highly inefficient. Let me tell you about Japanese speed traps. They do have a couple of similarities to their American counterparts. They are set up in an area where the speed limit drops and there is a fairly open stretch of road without too many lights and not too heavy traffic, so drivers have a tendency to pick up a … Continue reading

Adobe Live Chat… Worthless

I don’t know why I bothered, but I tried to get some help from Adobe Live Chat. But all that happened was they kept transferring me around and offering platitudes and solutions that don’t work and/or aren’t realistic. Then in the end, I was referred to phone support. I think I’ll save that for another day. Here is the crazy Live Chat transcript. I’m posting it here because I hope that I can get someone from Adobe to read it and address the issues. For me there are two issues: language issues and customer service issues. While waiting for a … Continue reading

Software Language (Adobe Stress)

Adobe frustration has surfaced again… As a global company, they need to get their language settings figured out. Their system irritates me far more than any other that I’ve had to deal with. Here’s the deal. I can read some Japanese. Depending on the topic, my Japanese level is better or worse. My computer OS is Japanese, which sometimes gives me trouble with some of the more complicated server settings. But for the most part is fine. However, I prefer to deal with my remaining software IN ENGLISH. It is a matter of frustration and time. I subscribe to Adobe’s Creative … Continue reading

Tribute to a Friend

I’m not even sure where to begin this post… It took me a couple of days for the news to really sink in. It was only Friday night after I finished my classes that it really hit me. I also wasn’t sure if I would write anything. His family needs time to try to figure it all out. As sad and shocked as I feel, I cannot even imagine how hard it must be for them. Robert Habbick was a friend and mentor to me. He had great influence on my life. I am shocked to realize that he is … Continue reading

Sounds of Summer

I love the sounds of summer. I love the sound of the frogs in the rice field in front of our house. The chorus of frogs’ voices is a nice way to fall asleep. I don’t even really mind the frogs so much, but that does not mean I will touch one or that I want the kids to bring them to me. I also love the sounds of the cicadas. Their voices really make me feel like it is summer. Glorious long, hot summer days. But the cicadas themselves? I despise them. I have two problems with cicadas. One: they fly. … Continue reading

Bittersweet Moment

At 7 months, Yui has basically completely stopped nursing. I have very mixed feelings about this. Part of me is excited to realize that I can start wearing normal bras again! This part of me is also dismayed to realize that only 2-3 of my regular, non-nursing bras are any good. I will need to go out and buy new bras, probably for the first time in 9 years. Yikes! For most of those past 9 years, I have been either pregnant or nursing, with a few short breaks in between. Then there is a part of me that is quite sad to be … Continue reading

Shishimai: The Lion Dance

Shishimai (獅子舞) is a lion dance for good luck. In our area, there are a few guys who go around in the spring and do shishimai. There is usually one guy who is the lion, one who plays a flute and one who plays a drum. The lion is supposed to bite you on the head for good luck. It is also a way for the shrine to earn some money, since once they do the lion dance for you, you are expected to give them a donation. Regarding the “donation”, I always feel awkward and never know how much to … Continue reading

Summertime… Creepy Crawlies

Well, summer is here. And the only thing that I really don’t like about summer in Japan (other than the humidity) is the bugs. Last week, Tak found a centipede in the house. Ugh. But it’s the first time a centipede has been found in the house by someone other than me. Last year, I managed to find all three of the little nasties. I’m hoping that’s the only one this year, but somehow I’m doubtful. Last week, the first cockroach of the year was also spotted. It went running up and around the back of the toilet. When I … Continue reading