Who am I?

I ran into a real dilemma when thinking about how to simplify this and put it into words. How do I define myself? Am I just a mom? Am I a professional? Maybe I should define myself by my personal interests? But the fact is that I am not really any of these things. I am all of them! And each “part” of who I am contributes to the other “parts”.

As a Mom

I have four kids. The oldest is eight and the youngest is under one. I love them all dearly and am having fun watching their personalities develop. As much as they learn from me, I learn from them.

  • I learn to be more patient; count to ten and put things in perspective before reacting.
  • If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  • Watch what you say; the walls have ears and pick up everything!
  • Pick your battles. In the big picture, some things are not worth fighting over.

Kids grow up way too fast! So I try to enjoy as much time with them as I can now. Right now, they’re still all snuggly and like Mommy and Daddy. But I know that won’t last forever. We really enjoy reading books together, dancing around the room to music, and getting out and doing things. I’ve always been a fairly flexible person, but have learned to be even more so when out and about with four kids.

As a Professional

I like working. I enjoy working on projects and seeing them completed. I take a lot of pleasure in figuring out how things work and finding better ways to do them. Building this website was a new experience for me, figuring out how WordPress works, finding themes and plugins, and making it all work together. I  don’t have the technical skill to create what I want from scratch, but I have gotten really good at searching the web and forum to find out how to tweak the templates to do what I want.

Since coming back to Japan in April of 2011, I have expanded into new areas.

  • I started my own English school, which I am hoping to continue to build.
  • I teach classes at Shimane University.
  • I work for APRICOT, a publisher of English materials for children.

My Interests

Reading. I love books and can easily read for an entire day (okay, not so easily now that I have four kids… but that’s what night is for!). I mostly like fiction, but also have a shelf full of good resource materials on software and raising kids.

I have to confess to being a closet geek. If I had more cash on hand, I would probably be a full out tech geek. I love technology and figuring out the latest gadgets. But I have also realized that I am just as happy without all of it, or maybe I should say I am happy without “most” of it. I do “need” my laptop with all of my software and an internet connection. And I love my iPhone… and my new iPad (a present from my wonderful husband). They may have to fall into the “need” category. So with these three devices I’m all set and happy. As I write this, I realize that sometimes my husband enables my tech geek tendency.

Who am I?

So back to the question of who I am… I am me… I’m a woman who is organized and messy at the same time. The patience and flexibility that I have developed with my kids, helps me better adapt to changes which come up when working on projects. Having four kids has also helped me with time management and prioritization. We have fairly tight schedules sometimes and certain “absolutes” that have to be completed. My love of technology leads me to use technology to keep organized and make sure I don’t forget important appointments and deadlines. Years of writing and giving presentations and workshops have taught me how to project the image I want and how to get my message across effectively. And I love teaching, sharing my knowledge and experience so others can learn from my failures and successes. When talking about overcoming failure, Thomas Edison said, “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”  And now, I’m hoping to try again with my “new” revamped blog and website!

My Family

My Husband

He’s great at fixing anything, a fantastic cook and a great father. He spends lots of time with the kids. He likes to make things. He also is great at cleaning up and likes to have everything in its place.

Gaku 岳
My first child. A boy. Born in 2005 in Japan.

He is highly inquisitive. He loves to take things apart to figure out how they work. (Now if he could just put them back together again…) He has tons and tons of energy. He is a very social creature and worries about what others think of him. He wants other people to like him, and tries to get them involved in his games and imagination. He loves dancing and music and has fun with rhyming. Since starting school, he is just taking off on reading and writing. He also has a hard time staying on task if he is not completely engaged in an activity.

Hana 花
My second child. A girl. Born in 2007 in Japan.


Hana is my ‘gorgeous girlie’, ‘pretty princess’, ‘beautiful baby’ (except she always claims correctly, “I’m not a baby!”)… She is much more independent than her older brother, and can play happily all by herself for hours at a time. She is super friendly and will start up a conversation with anyone. She is also my super snuggly one. She is my sensitive child, who worries about everyone around her.

Tsubaki 椿
My third child. A girl. Born in 2010 in the States.

She is a monkey! She climbs everything and is almost completely fearless. She doesn’t listen to what anyone tells her to do. She is highly precocious and the thought of her as a teenager is seriously scary! When she gets angry about something, she definitely fits her birth year and becomes a raging tiger. But her fits pass pretty quickly and she goes back to her normal cheerful self.

Yui 結
My fourth child. A girl. Born in 2012 in Japan.

Yui is an amazingly easy-going baby. She started going to daycare from about four months and goes quite happily. She still nurses, but she will also happily drink formula, something that makes things much easier on me. She falls asleep all on her own. All it takes is a bit of eye contact to get a huge smile and laughs out of her.