Hana is one week old!

Hana is just over a week old now. She’s nursing well, and sleeps almost all of the time!

The blanket that Sarah and Brian gave us for Christmas a few years ago works perfectly as a cover for the baby chair that I bought for her. It’s a chair with a rocker on the bottom that can be completely flat for her as a baby and sit up more when she’s bigger. Yesterday, Gaku was trying to claim that the blanket was his, but we corrected him that the blanket is everyone’s and Hana is using it now.

So far, Gaku is very interested in Hana. He wants to share things with her. He is giving her toys that we told him belong to her, but he could play with. He tries to share his snacks with her. A couple of days ago he even gave her his special Mickey Mouse towel (his blankie), but only for a few minutes! He wouldn’t give her his new Curious George stuffed animal, though. “Gaku’s George,” he said.

I’m doing very well, and feel mostly recovered from giving birth. I’m able to do a lot around the house already. I can remember two weeks after Gaku was born; I wanted to do things but my body didn’t want to cooperate, which was really frustrating. This time, I’m having no problems doing laundry and getting up and about. Yesterday, I made a quick trip out to the bank and nearby grocery store.

Tak took off most of last week and went back to work on Monday. When Gaku was born Mi-chan (Tak’s mom) came and stayed for a month to help us out, but she couldn’t come this time. It’s a good thing that I can get up and about more this time. Otherwise, it would make things really hard for Tak.


Hana is one week old! — 2 Comments

  1. What a good girl!!! She really is very pretty and I cannot wait to meet her! It seems like your recovery is going well, which is good now that you have 2 little ones. And what a good sharer my little cousin Gaku is! I can’t wait to see all of you again. Love ya’ll!

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