Early Christmas / Poor Hana

Our early Christmas morning was fun. Gaku likes opening presents. He’s not always so concerned with what is in the presents, but really likes to open them. We let him open all of our presents for us as well.

Then we let him watch the couple of DVDs he received (Ratatouille and The Jungle Book). I think Ratatouille was more fun for me. Gaku really likes The Jungle Book. He just got it yesterday, but has already watched it three times now. He really likes the scene with the song The Bare Necessities.

We usually don’t let him watch this much tv, but I’m humoring him today. Tak is working so it’s just me home with Gaku and Hana today.

Hana (and I) had a rough night last night. I think she’s caught a bit of a cold. Her nose is a bit stuffed. Last night was a really long night. She wanted to nurse, but then wasn’t really sucking well. I tried to clean her nose out once with no luck. The second time I tried I was able to clear a bit of it out, but she was still quite fussy. This morning was also rough. Again, she wanted to keep nursing, but wasn’t really taking anything in. After about three hours of non-nursing she finally fell asleep.

I’m a bit tired today and don’t have as much patience as I usually do. So, I figure Gaku can watch as much tv as he wants today as long as he’s not getting into trouble! So, we’re now watching The Jungle Book for the fourth time…

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