Merry Christmas!

(I don’t have any new pictures to post so here’s one of Hana from a week ago.)

Well, Monday was a rough day with Hana not nursing well. In the evening I finally expressed my milk and fed it to her in a bottle. What relief!! Hana finally stopped crying and I had a bit of a break. Yesterday, in the morning we went to see the midwife and everything is going better now. She’s nursing well again.

Yesterday was Christmas here. We had a Christmas party downstairs with the Mukai family. Afterwards, I was doing a count and I figured out that there were 13 adults, 5 kids, and 1 baby. The food wasn’t the same as what we’d have for Christmas in the States – chicken, pizza, sushi, steak, salad, cake. But the atmosphere was definitely there. All of the adults were eating, talking and enjoying themselves, while the kids were running around playing with their new toys and eating lots of junk food! Gaku started getting kind of fussy at the end of the evening. He had gone to daycare all day and then had a busy, fun evening.

When we got home, I was nursing Hana. Tak and Gaku were in the other room. I could hear Gaku calling, “Daddy” over and over. I figured Tak was already asleep and Gaku wanted to be covered. So after I finished nursing Hana I went to the other room to check on Gaku, and couldn’t find him right away. He wasn’t in the futon or next to it anywhere. I turned back to look at the door and noticed him curled up, sleeping under our small table. How funny! I pulled him out, put him on the futon and covered him up. He didn’t even stir at all.

It was a fun Christmas that really felt like Christmas!

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