Back to a “normal” schedule

From tomorrow Gaku is back in daycare. He’s been home for the last week for the New Year holiday. Tak’s mom went back to Izumo on Friday. That evening felt just a bit empty after she had left.

Gaku was pretty cute. Tak took Mi-chan back to Tokyo station. When they left Gaku was taking his nap. Mi-chan said goodbye to Gaku, but he went back to sleep. When he woke up, he came to the other room where Hana and I were. His first questions was where’s Mi-chan. When I said she had gone back to Izumo, he was pretty upset. He said he wanted to go to Izumo too. I said that Mommy and Daddy can’t go to Izumo right now. His answer was that he would go by himself. He cried for about 30 seconds and then we read some books and he was fine. He had a really good time in Izumo when he went in November.

This picture of Hana is from yesterday. She fell asleep nursing and I took her picture. Unfortunately, she only stayed asleep for about two minutes before she wanted to nurse some more!

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