A busy few days

We’ve had a busy few days here.

On Thursday, I went to my office to drop off some paperwork. I was planning to pick up Gaku from daycare and buy him new shoes, but I spent a little too long at the office. Everyone was having fun oohing and ahhing over Hana. I ended up staying for over an hour. When I got to daycare, it was almost an hour later than I had planned but Hana was still sleeping. I told Gaku we would ride the bus and go buy him some new shoes. While we were at the bus stop in front of his daycare, Hana woke up and started screaming. I asked Gaku if we could just go home and ride the bus another day. Of course he didn’t like that idea; he wanted to ride the bus. The problem is that it’s about a 10-15 minute walk home and completely impossible if he’s not going to cooperate. Finally I bribed him. I said I would buy him chocolate on the way home if he would agree to go home and not ride the bus. This worked perfectly! Just one small piece of chocolate is all it took.

That evening Gaku was really in a Mommy mood. When I was ready to take Hana downstairs to the bath, Gaku decided he wanted to go with me. I said fine. Tak asked how I was going to do that. I told him the same as always. Obachan will watch Hana while Gaku and I go into the bath first. Then after we’re washed up, I’ll bring Hana in. So we’re outside our apartment going down the steps to the bath. Each flight is about 8 concrete steps. I’m holding Hana with one hand and the bath bowl with the other hand. Gaku knows how to hold onto the railing and walk down the steps carefully. He’s being a bit slow, as always. I’m at the landing at the bottom of the first flight and he’s still at the top goofing around with something. I call up to him to come on. He goes, “kaching,” and puts his arms out. (A bit of background is important here. This is the character Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. Gaku does this and jumps off the low table in our apartment all the time.) In the split second before he does it, I’m thinking there’s no way he’s going to jump. The next thing I know is he’s airborn. There’s nothing I can do to stop him and I sure can’t catch him. I can’t exactly remember how he landed, but I think he must have landed on his head. I know he did a somersault before stopping in front of me at the bottom. I dropped the bath bowl and gently set Hana down on the ground (luckily she was wrapped up in the heavy quilted blanket that Bev and Phil gave me when Gaku was born). I grabbed Gaku and yelled for Tak. Both Mizuho and Obachan had heard the fall and come running. Everyone thought Hana had fallen at first, but hearing Gaku screaming realized it was Gaku and not Hana. Obachan took Hana downstairs to the bath while Tak and I went inside with Gaku. I was expecting a lot of blood, but there was none. At first I couldn’t figure out where he was hurt. Basically, he only had a big bump on the top of his head and a very, very slight scratch over his right eye. He cried for quite a while saying he didn’t want to go the bath, he just wanted to change into his Thomas pajamas. Also, he wanted Daddy and then he asked about Hana a few times also. Finally, he decided he wanted to go to the bath, but with Daddy instead of Mommy. What I discovered from talking with Tak is that Tak has been playing Buzz Lightyear with Gaku on the steps! Gaku is at the top and Tak goes down about 3-4 steps; Gaku jumps and Tak catches him. Gaku probably couldn’t understand why I hadn’t caught him. After his bath, I told him I was sorry I didn’t catch him, that I didn’t know about the Buzz game. He then said sorry to Hana. When I asked him why, he said that I had said sorry to him and that Hana’s head hurt. What a cutie! We’ve now clarified that Gaku is NOT to play Buzz with Mommy. Within an hour after his fall, he was jumping all over the place like nothing had happened. Gave me a good scare!

Since then, we’ve just had days that were busy enough that I couldn’t get my computer turned on, but no more incidents. Friday, Hana and I had our one-month checkup. Hana now weighs 3950 grams and we’re both fine! On Saturday it was raining all day, and it was just me with Gaku and Hana. I knew if we stayed home all day Gaku would drive me crazy, so we went to one of the children’s play halls for the entire day. Then yesterday and today, I was just making sure that I had as much play time with Gaku as possible. Tomorrow Gaku has daycare, so it’ll be just me and Hana.


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  1. Hey Sam! I thought I’d drop in here and see how you and the brood were doing. I’m glad to hear Gaku didn’t hurt himself. I loved how he thought you would catch him.

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