Busy? Doing what? (with video)

It feels like the past week has been pretty busy with lots of little things…

Last Friday, Hana and I went to the one baby play area (jidokan) that we go to the most to make a video of me talking with her. The woman who does family counseling is making a video showing how moms and babies communicate. She took about 10 minutes of video and we’ll go back and do it again next month. On Sunday I took Hana there for her first baby massage. Gaku and I went almost every month when he was a baby.

Gaku has been kind of funny since last Friday – not really sick, but not eating as much and his stomach was a bit funny. Yesterday daycare called for me to come pick him up early. He had a slight fever and wasn’t his normal, energetic self. Tak took him to the doctor, but Gaku wouldn’t take the medicine. I don’t think he really needs it though. Last night Gaku seemed to be back to normal. He ate tons at dinner and was really crazy last night. Today he stayed home with me, but seemed fine. He’ll stay home with Tak tomorrow, but I think he could probably go to daycare.

Today (the 29th) is the last day of my contract with Macmillan. So tomorrow morning I have to go to city hall to get new insurance cards f0r me and the kids. From tomorrow we’ll be on the national health insurance. I went to city hall last week to ask them what I needed to do. They were very helpful and even called my company for me to get the paper they needed sent directly to them and told me to just come in on the morning of the 30th and they’d have our new cards. After that, I’ll take our old insurance cards to Macmillan and go out to lunch with a couple of people from the office. I’ll take Hana, but leave Gaku home with Tak.

So, now I’m working on what I’ll do next. I’m going to do a couple of presentations for Macmillan at a bookstore event in the next couple of weeks. Then Robert, my previous boss at Macmillan, has been really putting out the word for me with some companies.

Tak has been doing a lot of selling on Yahoo auctions. I think I should do the same. I need to work on getting some stuff cleaned out, and some of the stuff I want to get rid of could definitely be sold on Yahoo auction rather than just thrown out. I just have to start organizing all my junk. But before I start on that, I need to make some photo albums and finish my website…

The picture above is from tonight. Gaku is telling Hana a story. He’s telling her the story of The Great Big Enormous Turnip by Alexi Tolstoy in Japanese. In the video below, Tak is encouraging Gaku to tell Hana a story. Gaku keeps saying his hands are dirty (te ga kitanai) and then he finally tells her the story.

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