Daycare Talent Show

This past Friday was Gaku’s “okiku natta taikai” at daycare. Basically, it’s a little talent show so everyone can see how much the kids have changed in the past year. For the smaller classes (Gaku’s included), they tell the parents to hide – not be right out front and center. Most of the smaller kids will cry and try to go to their parents if they spot them. We’d been telling Gaku all week that Mommy, Daddy and Baba would be there. I wasn’t worried that he would cry if he found us. In the fall at the sports festival, there was a point when the moms go out and are supposed to do a kind of small dance/exercise routine with the kids. Some of Gaku’s classmates let out a cry and came running to their moms. Gaku came running, gave me one hug, and immediately escaped to run off and do what he wanted, which involved half doing the routine and half just running. So I wasn’t worried if he spotted us or not. As soon as he walked in the hall, Gaku scanned the crowd for us and found us immediately. He was super happy and called out “Daddy”, “Mommy”, and “Baba” as he spotted each of us. Then he went and sat nicely with the one teacher. But every so often he would get up and wave at us. Also he was wearing one of his character t-shirts – Zenmai Samurai. So he kept getting up and showing other people in the audience his Zenmai Samurai t-shirt and singing part of the Zenmai Samurai song for them. This year he was really good about doing the routines they had practiced. It was a lot of fun to watch!

The video is of part of Gaku’s class during the talent show. They’re going on a walk and each time the music stops they yell for the wolf and put on another item of clothing. You can hear Gaku’s voice yelling “okami-san”; he’s the loudest, maybe the only one in his class actually yelling it out. When the wolf comes out they’re supposed to hide from it. Then they all sit down while they do the next part. Except Gaku runs out to the teacher and then you can see him hitting the girl next to him after he sits down. He doesn’t do the sitting and waiting very well. But he’s much better about sitting and watching than last year.

(I’ve just discovered the video file is slightly too big to upload, so I’m working on an alternative…)

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