Spitting (with Video)

I haven’t been updating my blog again… I’ve been a bit busy with a project working on a teacher’s book for one of the local publishers. And I’ve been creating pages on the two networking sites – Facebook and My Space – at the request of different friends and family. The verdict is still out on which one I like better. So far it seems that on My Space you can personalize the colors more, but it’s really busy because of all the ads. I haven’t played much with Facebook yet, but have found that the way you have to hit save before clicking on the next tab when creating your profile (and not being prompted if you don’t hit save) is not very user-friendly. The first time I spent some time creating my profile and after finishing all of the tabs realized none of it had been saved!

Today’s pictures and video are of Hana, but the story is all about Gaku…

To fully appreciate this, you need a bit of background. There’s a Dreamworks animated movie called Madagascar about some animals from the NY Zoo who are being sent to a nature preserve in Africa, but end up shipwrecked in Madagascar instead. This is Gaku’s number one movie for the past couple of weeks. At one scene in the movie, the zebra Marty sets up his place. When they drink the water he has, it’s saltwater so they spit it back out. When they spit it out, they kind of spray it. Well, when we were watching it, one time last week I saw Gaku’s eyes kind of light up during this scene. You could literally see what he was thinking on his face. I told him he was not allowed to do this, except in the bath.

So on Saturday, I was hanging up laundry and came back to the living room to find that Gaku had spit water all over. I wasn’t too upset because at least he sprayed it over the gate and into the kitchen which has wood floors and not on the carpet. But I immediately turned off the movie and made him clean it up. He very nicely cleaned it up and apologized, so I let him watch some more. That same evening he had a box of apple juice that Obachan gave him down at the bath. He took a drink and this time he sprayed it all over me. I was so pissed! I took the juice away and put it in the fridge. He cried a bit, but I didn’t give the juice back to him until after dinner.

Now the absolute funniest incident was on Sunday night. Gaku was really tired and fussy, and we were trying to get him to go to bed. Gaku’s blankey is a Mickey Mouse towel that he calls Mickey. That day he had a bottle of sesame wheat tea (no caffeine). Sometimes when trying to get Gaku to go to sleep, he goes a bit crazy and then suddenly crashes. So on Sunday, he was going crazy and cried a couple of times. He was starting to settle down when he said he was thirsty. So I handed him his bottle of tea. He said he was going to finish it. I figured fine, there wasn’t too much left. He was swallowing it with big, noisy gulps, and Tak and I were laughing. Then he suddenly did the spray thing… all over Mickey! So he immediately started crying that Mickey was wet. I couldn’t even get upset with him for spraying the tea. Both Tak and I couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing. I assured him Mickey was okay, just a little bit wet, but he could still sleep with it. It was pretty funny. He was so upset about something that he did all by himself. He hasn’t sprayed his drinks for the last couple of days since then… Maybe he’s done?

Hana is quite the active little baby. When awake, she’s in constant motion. In the video below you can see how her feet and hands just don’t stop moving. I have to say that she’s much easier than Gaku. Tak was saying that he remembers walking Gaku at this age to get him to stop crying sometimes. Hana will sometimes cry for about a minute, but if no one comes right away, she gives up, sucks her thumb, and goes to sleep on her own!

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