Cherry Blossoms

I’m so glad that spring is really here now! The cherry trees are in full bloom in Tokyo right now. This weekend on Sunday, we’ll either have a cherry-blossom-viewing party with the Mukai family or go to Yokohama and check out the venue for the Jack Johnson concert. Tak is pretty keen to check it out and see what kind of set up it is, so we can get good seats – it’s general admission and an outdoor venue. He’s talking about going down the night before with a sleeping bag… (That would obviously be him by himself, and I would bring the munchkins later sometime reasonable. Then again Gaku would probably love to go a bit early and run around talking to people.)

A couple of weeks ago, Tak took Gaku to a rugby game. I think it was the finals. But Tak didn’t get to watch the game at all. He had to run all over the place following Gaku. Gaku had a great time running up and down the steps, talking to everyone, getting snacks from people. He’s quite the social butterfly. He has no problems at all talking with people he doesn’t know – a good and bad thing… I suppose Tak and I worry that if a perfect stranger offered him a piece of chocolate, he’d follow them anywhere – a bit scary. We really have to keep a careful eye on him when we’re out and about.

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