Today was one of those days where I think, “do I really want to have more kids?” It just seemed impossible to get anything done… The amount of laundry with two kids is crazy, especially when you don’t have a dryer and have to hang everything up to dry. I ended up taking laundry over to the laundromat dryers, so I could finally get caught up. By the evening, all the laundry was done. But guess what! The laundry basket is already full again. *Sigh*

It got to be lunchtime and I didn’t feel like making anything so we got ready to go to a local restaurant called Puchi House. I went to grab Hana who was just starting to wake up and realized she was super poopy! It had leaked through her clothes and on the blanket she was sleeping on (the red one from Sarah). So, there was another load of laundry right there! I quick grabbed her, washer her up in the bath, and got her changed so we could go to lunch.

Laundry may be the biggest downside, but there are so many great things about kids. Gaku says the cutest things lately, and really tries to be quite the helper. He was “helping” me do laundry. After lunch we bought some ice cream at one of the local stores. We got one for Obachan too. Then we came back and sat down in the bath lobby and ate ice cream with her. Even though Obachan had her own ice cream (the same one as Gaku’s since he picked it for her), Gaku was sharing his and offering her bites of his ice cream.

This evening after Gaku went to bed I was having a lot of fun with Hana. She was really talking and smiling. (See the video on Facebook.) It was one of those times when I could really relax with her and appreciate just how special she is, and how special our time together is.

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