Jack Johnson Concert

Yesterday we (Tak, the kids, and me) all went to the Jack Johnson concert. It was outdoors at a place in Yokohama called Akarenga Park. There are a couple of old brick warehouses that used to be the main place for imports/exports in Japan and have now been made into shops and restaurants. It’s right along the water.

Jack Johson did two concerts – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Unfortunately, we didn’t go on Saturday when the weather was beautiful and warm. We went on Sunday and it was quite chilly! But luckily, it didn’t rain. It rained most of Saturday night and in the morning on Sunday, but then was just cloudy and cold in the afternoon.

The concert was a lot of fun. I’m really glad that I had bought and been listening to all of his old albums as well as the new one. He played a lot of songs from his old albums too. If I hadn’t been listening to them, I would have known less than a quarter of the songs. The only thing that was too bad was he didn’t play even one song from the Curious George soundtrack. If he had played just one song, Gaku would have really been excited.

As it was, we got there for the last couple of songs by the Hawaiian band and Matt Costa. I wish we had heard more of the Hawaiian band than Matt Costa. He’s okay, but just doesn’t quite do it for me. Gaku was having fun and dancing around during Matt Costa, but by the time Jack started playing we had been there for a little over 2 hours and Gaku was getting restless and wanting to go home. Tak had his hands full chasing him all over the place while I held Hana in the sling.

In the train on the way home, both kids were crying. It was a bit late; we didn’t get home until almost 11 pm. Gaku just wanted to go to bed and Hana wanted to be held, nursed, and snuggle so she could sleep. Gaku had a fun, but it was just a bit too long for him. We should have gone a bit later, so we were there just in time for Jack. But it was a great concert!!

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