Laughs with Hana

Living above the bath is great. If Hana gets restless and cranky, I just take her downstairs. Obachan holds her for a while, all of the other customers talk to her, and her mood is instantly fixed.

Last night after Tak and Gaku were sleeping, Hana was getting a bit fussy. So I took her downstairs to the bath for her Obachan fix. Obachan was holding her and I started playing peek-a-boo with her. In Japanese, it’s called nai nai baa – ‘nai’ means you’re not there and then you say ‘baa’ when you show yourself. At the bath, I can just duck down below the wall. So I started doing this, saying nai nai and popping up when saying baa. Hana laughed pretty loud. It was so cute. Both Obachan and I started laughing. I kept doing it and Hana kept laughing. Obachan and I were laughing so hard that our sides hurt and we were both crying. We must have played for at least 10 minutes. Babies can be so fun!!

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