Gaku’s Birthday Party

Gaku had a fun birthday party, up until the end when he was over-stimulated and too tired.

We went to dinner at the local Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki restaurant with the Mukai family and Azusa, one of my friends from Macmillan. About 19 people including kids.

At the restaurant, we had a whole back section to ourselves. It’s a type of seating where you take off your shoes, but the floor is sunken so it’s like sitting on a bench at a table. Towards the end of dinner, the kids were done eating and getting restless. They were all crawling around below the table going crazy. Gaku was so sweaty!!

Then we went back to the Mukai house for cake and presents. In the middle of opening his presents, Gaku had a serious meltdown. One of his presents was a track for his cars. When he opened it, there was a small box that was a car that actually belonged to Kei. Gaku thought it should be his. He started having a huge fit, hitting Kei and flailing all over the place. Obachan took him outside for a couple of minutes and brought him back. We started eating cake. As Gaku ate his cake, we gave him the rest of his presents one by one.

Shortly afterwards, the kids were playing. Rio got out some cards. Gaku wanted to play with them too, but Rio didn’t want him to. Rio hit Gaku, who then went crazy trying to bite Rio. He got the shoulder of his shirt. After I got Gaku to stop biting Rio’s shirt, he grabbed one of the cards and stuck it in his mouth. *Sigh* At this point, I realized it was about 10:00. Gaku is usually in bed somewhere between 9:00 and 9:30.

We got him to agree to go home by promising he could watch some of his Zenmai Samurai DVD which he had just gotten as a present. He skipped his bath and ended up watching the whole DVD. I don’t think he actually got to sleep until after midnight. I’ll bet he goes to bed early tonight…

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