Fun in Izumo

We’ve been having fun in Izumo, but my internet access is a bit difficult. There’s no internet access at Tak’s house, so I have to come to his sister’s house to hook up. Today we took a taxi and I’ve been working here all day.

I came to Izumo last week on Tuesday with Gaku and Hana. Everyone here in Izumo says that no one in Izumo would take 2 small kids and fly by themselves. But basically, we sent all of our clothes and stuff the day before. So all I had was basically what we would take to go out for the day (plus my computer). Everything was fine until we got off the plane in Izumo. When we were unfolding the buggy, I didn’t realize that Gaku’s thumb was right in the hinge. He cried and cried. About 3 staff were trying to help, bringing medicine and bandaids, but Gaku just laid on the ground crying and trying to hit anyone who came near him. They had to call ahead to the bus to Izumo to tell it to wait for us. After about 10-15 minutes, he finally settled down and would sit in the buggy. Then 2 staff escorted us to the bus, carrying my bags. On the bus, Gaku fell asleep. When we go to Izumo station I couldn’t wake him up to get off the bus. The driver ended up carrying him off for me! Luckily, Masa-jiji was waiting there for us.

Since we arrived, everyone is pretty busy working. Since I don’t have an international license at this time, we’ve been a bit more house-bound than usual. But on days off, we’ve gone to some fun places: an aquarium called Gobius, an animation village for Gegege no Kitarou, and a couple of parks. May 4, 5 and 6 are days that everyone has off. They will be pretty fun.

Gaku has been acting up a bit. I think he’s a bit stressed at being with me all day and missing day care. Also, he’s been getting too many sweets and not enough naps. I’m sure he’s missing his daddy too! It’ll be good when Tak gets here.

Hana has also been a bit fussy. In the evenings, Gaku and Ruka are playing together and Gaku gets really loud and crazy. Also, since Gaku is with us all the time and Tak isn’t here to play with him, my time with Hana is different than it usually is. Usually, I have a bit more time to play just with her. On Monday evening she got a fever that was pretty high. The next morning it was gone. Then yesterday, she started getting lots of little bumps. But she didn’t have a fever and her mood was good. Now today she’s really fussy and has a fever again. As soon as Yuu gets home, I’ll take her to a doctor… Poor thing.

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