Business as Usual

A few weeks in Izumo sure did get me out of the habit of updating my blog. I haven’t opened it since we got back and that was a few weeks ago now.

Here’s a picture of my workspace. The window faces west so there’s some really nice sunshine in the afternoon. The baby bed used to be here. I used the baby bed with Gaku. Before Hana was born I cleaned it all up again and got it ready for her, but didn’t use it once. It just became a storage area. I figured I could make better use of the space as a work space.

Hana and I spend most of our day in this room. While I’m working, she’s either sleeping or playing by herself. She’ll play pretty contentedly on her own if I just smile at her every so often, and take a few longer breaks to play with her a bit more. She is the best, easiest baby!

I do notice though, that I don’t have a problem letting her cry just a bit if I’m in the middle of something. With Gaku, I would stop and drop whatever I was doing instantly to calm him. With Hana, I figure about 5 minutes or so of crying while I finish (outlining the fonts / proofing the unit I’m working on / hanging up laundry) isn’t going to hurt her.

Next week, Mom and Dad are going to come and stay for almost 2 weeks. The last time they came when Gaku was a baby we went all over Tokyo. They told me they don’t want to go out and see stuff this time. They’d rather have more quiet, relaxing time playing with their grandkids. I figure Gaku will still go to daycare most of the time. He gets bored if he has too many days at home. But a few days we can go to a park or a jidokan (baby/kids play center). I’ll keep working most days. It should be lots of fun!

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