Sick Kid and Firsts

Gaku has not been having a fun few days! I was called on Thursday to pick him up at daycare. He had a fever of 38.8 (101.8), and was pretty lethargic. I took him to the doctor and he got some medicine. Friday, he spent a lot of the day watching tv, didn’t eat much, but didn’t seem too bad. Saturday, he was a bit more tired and down. But the medicine he got that is supposed to help his cold is a bit bitter tasting, and he didn’t want to take it. I tried to make him drink it by using the syringe-type doser. I got it in his mouth, but he wouldn’t swallow and instead we ended up wearing most of it. Saturday night his fever went up to 39.5 (103.1) so we gave him some fever medicine. He hadn’t eaten much for a few days and hadn’t pooped either. Saturday evening and night he was complaining his stomach hurt. Sunday morning at about 6:30, he was pretty hot feeling, breathing kind of funny and complaining his stomach hurt, so we took him to emergency. The biggest problem was the poor kid was constipated, so he got an enema prescribed. On the way home, he saw a McDonald’s and said he wanted “potatoes” (meaning french fries). I didn’t think it was the best idea, but if he really wanted it, well okay. So we had McDonald’s breakfast. He didn’t eat tons, but more than he’d eaten at one time for a couple of days. We got home and gave him the enema (far easier than getting him to swallow his cold medicine!). About 10 minutes later he seemed a lot better. But the McDonald’s would come back to haunt us. About an hour and a half after his enema, he threw up all over the place! I wasn’t home for that; Tak got to clean that up. Poor Gaku. I think it’s the first time he’s ever really thrown up. He wasn’t feeling so well after that. He seemed a bit better this evening, though – ate a bit. But then was saying his stomach hurt again. But he didn’t throw up again, so that’s a good thing. He’s definitely home again tomorrow, and probably Tuesday as well. The fun of sick kids!!

This evening, I took Hana down to the bath. I love giving her a bath. She is so good. She NEVER cries in the bath AT ALL. She is always smiling and happy in the bath. She starts smiling and making excited movements when being undressed for the bath. After the bath, we came upstairs. I laid her on the futon and went in the kitchen to get some tea. When I came back, she had rolled over on to her stomach! Her first time rolling over and no one even saw it. So then I took some video, but she didn’t oblige with a repeat. As soon as I turned off the camera, she did it again for me. The cool thing is she went from back to stomach, and then stomach to back, so she can do both. But I think she can only turn in one direction so far, which means if she’d tried to roll over one more time, she would have been stuck in a really funny position up against the one shelf. A few days ago I started feeding her some rice porridge – almost the consistency of a thick soup. She really likes it!! She’ll suck the spoon and move her head towards the spoon for more. I was a bit concerned about how she would take to food, since she has so adamantly refused to touch formula on the few occasions it’s been given to her. (It’s not a bottle issue because she’ll drink expressed breast milk from a bottle. It’s the taste; she makes a face like she’s being poisoned – about like Gaku with his medicine.) It’s fun to start feeding her a bit. I think (hope) she’s going to be a good eater.

Kids are so much fun. All of their ups and downs are such experiences.

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