Getting Better… Just in Time for Mom & Dad

Well, Gaku’s finally getting better. He was home today, but feeling much better. He was bored from being home and basically in the house for a whole week. The only places he’s gone in the past week are the doctor’s office, the hospital, and the grocery store once. In order to demonstrate his boredom and displeasure with being confined to the house for yet another day, he emptied most of his toy boxes. The room was a complete disaster area, not even possible to sit anywhere in the room. He was also eating/asking for food all day. In the last week, he lost almost a whole kilogram (a little over 2 pounds). Luckily, he can go to daycare tomorrow or I might have to string him up by his toes. He was feeling so much better today that he fought off and refused to take a nap. The result is he crashed by about 8:30 while Tak was reading stories to him. I think Tak was actually reading in his sleep…

Now, Hana has the same thing Gaku had. But she’s not nearly so bad as he was. She only had a fever one day and her symptoms are much milder. The doctor said she will be safe (not contagious) by Sunday. Yay!

My parents arrive tomorrow (Friday). So I was a bit worried about the kids being sick, since my mom can’t be exposed to any kind of illness or it could be trouble for her. (For those of you who are reading this and don’t know, my mom has a type of cancer called myeloma. It’s in early stages, so isn’t curtailing her lifestyle too much right now. The doctors are hoping for a cure by the time it gets serious in a few years time. But the big thing is that her body cannot create antibodies to fight stuff off.) So, I was very glad to have the doctor tell me that Gaku is safe now and Hana will be by Sunday. My parents are staying for almost 2 weeks. It should be lots of fun!!

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