Sunny Day, Sweeping the Clouds Away…

Gaku likes Sesame Street and when the weather is sunny, we almost always have to sing the Sesame Street song. The weather here today was absolutely gorgeous: 28C (82F) and sunny with a nice breeze. All the next week it’s supposed to be up to about 24C (75F) and partly sunny/cloudy. I think Mom and Dad may have picked the perfect week to be here!

My parents arrived yesterday. Hana and I went to meet them at the airport. They’re a bit tired and jetlagged today, but overall pretty good. Since Hana has been sick, Mom is waiting until tomorrow to hold her. (Although, she has been touching her a bit and talking to her/making her smile.)

Today a couple of my friends came over for lunch and we had a really nice afternoon. After lunch, Mom and Dad disappeared to take naps, and my friends and I talked about baby stuff (since they’re both expecting their first and I have Hana).

Tomorrow, we’re planning to go to Asukayama Park. It’s a huge park and not far from our place. Gaku loves to go there. There’s lots of play equipment, but Gaku’s favorite part is easily the fountain. Tomorrow, he’s going to be naked in the fountain for sure!! Lots of kids “swim” in it in the summer. But Gaku was the only kid naked in the fountain on New Year’s Eve. I’m not joking. My husband and mother-in-law took him to the park, he saw the water and wanted to get in. So, he stripped off his clothes and went in the fountain. I wasn’t with them since Hana was still just a few weeks old. I just shook my head and laughed when I heard.

Here’s Gaku earlier this month. Tak took this with his mobile so the quality is not so good. I censored this one… Tak didn’t even ask him to pose. He’s such a ham for the camera. He often asks me to take his picture and then will start making funny faces and/or poses.

For good pictures of Asukayama Park:

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