Amazingly Good at the Doctors

I really can’t believe how good my kids are at getting their vaccination shots.

Three weeks ago, I took Gaku to get his DPT booster and Hana to get her first DPT. It worked well because I could take both of them at the same time. Also, Gaku can’t go to daycare on a vaccination day because they want you to keep them quiet (yeah, right) at home and watch them for reactions.

In the week leading up to the vaccination, we were kind of psyching Gaku up for it. He was saying things like, “お兄ちゃんだもん!痛くないもん!泣かないもん!” “I’m a big boy! It doesn’t hurt! I won’t cry!” When we asked about Hana getting a shot, he said she shouldn’t get one because she would cry. He was a bit worried for her.

So we went to the doctor. I had Hana in the Baby Bjorn front carrier. So Gaku went in and sat on the chair all by himself, let the doctor listen to his chest, and opened his mouth so nicely for the doctor to check his throat that he didn’t even need the tongue depressor. Then he got his shot and didn’t cry at all, not even a whimper! I was pretty proud of him.

Then it was Hana’s turn. She was okay to get the shot, so I put her back in the carrier first. And can you believe it? She didn’t cry either, didn’t even flinch or react in any way. Today she was going for the second dose. I figured last time might have been a fluke, but again today, no tears or anything. Wow!

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