Fun at the Rainbow Pool / Future Skin Cancer

Last month, I was checking one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to and saw something about getting free pre-season passes to the Rainbow Pool. So I did some research on the internet. The Rainbow Pool is a huge water park in western Tokyo (Tachikawa) that is located inside a big park. You can register online to receive a pass for free entry on either the Saturday or Sunday before the park actually opens. So I registered and we got a postcard in the mail which was good for up to 5 people for Sunday, July 13th.

I really wish we could have all gone together yesterday. But on Saturday evening, Hana had a runny nose and a fever, so we decided she shouldn’t go. Tak said I should take Gaku to the pool since I’d really been looking forward to it and he would stay home with Hana. But as I got to thinking about it, it didn’t seem like such a good deal. If Hana wasn’t feeling well, she’d want to nurse… So I sent Tak and Gaku off to the pool. About 5 minutes after they left, I realized they didn’t have any sunscreen in their bag. I thought about calling Tak, but figured it would be okay.

At the pool, Gaku had a great time. On Saturday, we went shopping for a pair of water wings for Gaku. Tak taught him that if he didn’t flail around and kept his arms out and still, he would float. So Gaku had a great time with the water wings. He has no fear of water, and was jumping into the pool. Tak told me they spent most of their time in the wave pool and played a little bit in the kiddie pool, but never made it to the “lazy river” pool. He played really hard for a few hours, then they went and had lunch, and it was lights out for Gaku on a sheet in the park.

When they got home I was surprised to see how red they both were. Tak hadn’t thought about sunscreen at all. Even if he had, he probably wouldn’t have put it on himself. So I dug through our shelves, and found a bottle of after-sun gel, and plastered Gaku’s back with it. Every time I asked Tak if he wanted me to put some on his back, he would say he doesn’t need that “softie stuff”. I told Tak that Gaku should skip the bath last night. It definitely would have hurt and Gaku would have been crying. He was complaining about it hurting as it was. This morning Tak put some more of the gel on Gaku’s back. But then Gaku was worried about his Daddy and really wanted to put some gel on Tak’s back, so Tak let him.

Gaku was complaining that his back hurt and he wanted to stay home. I said fine, he could stay home if he wanted. So of course he then wanted to go. When Tak took him to daycare, he was showing off his sunburn to his friends. But when Tak wanted to show the nurse (I think to give her the after-sun gel to put on his back), he didn’t want her to see his back and was saying “やだ!” (“yada” meaning “no!!”) Goofy monkey!

** The sunburn already looks better this morning. And because of the flash, it looks worse than it is in the photos, not that it isn’t pretty bad…

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