Water Babies

Both Gaku and Hana just love water!

Today, I picked Gaku up at daycare. One of his teachers Kuroda-sensei told me a cute Gaku story. This year is the first year that Gaku has been able to go in the “big” pool. Up until this year, he has only played in little tiny pools (really more like buckets) on the veranda of his classroom. He really loves the pool. Gaku is in the 2-year-old class this year; he was still 2 as of April 1, which is the magic date for determining school year in Japan. I guess that there is some kind of cold going around right now and a lot of the kids in Gaku’s class have been sick with fevers so they can’t play in the pool. Since so many of them can’t play in the pool, basically the whole class doesn’t (they only get showers). But today, Gaku was watching the 3-year-old class play in the pool. I guess he was watching with so much longing that the teacher said he could go play with them. Yay! I’m glad she did that. She was commenting on how Gaku really likes the water and sticks his face right in it. He can easily play in the bath or pool for hours.

The pool at Gaku’s daycare:

Today is Tuesday, so the bath downstairs is closed. We all decided to go to the big bath down the street. It’s just a bit more of a hassle than going downstairs – there’s no Obachan to hold Hana while I go in the bath first and get ready for Hana. Also, we have to pay… But Gaku really likes it and Hana loves the bath, so I thought we should go. Usually when we go there I just lay Hana on a towel on the floor of the bath while I wash up, but so many of the women make comments along the lines of “poor baby”, and I also don’t really like doing it that way. So I thought I would try something different tonight. I took her Baby Bumbo chair. I sat her in it while I and Gaku (who at the last minute decided he too wanted to go with Mommy instead of Daddy) got undressed. Then I stripped her and took the chair into the bath. She sat in it, as happy as could be, while I got washed up and her brother splashed water on her. Then after the bath, I dried her off, got her diaper on her, and sat her in the chair again with her cup of mugi-cha (non-caffeinated wheat tea) while Gaku and I got dressed.

I nursed her just a bit at the bath, thinking I would nurse her more when we got home. But I laid her down for a couple of minutes while I started the laundry and she hasn’t moved since. She’ll wake up to nurse at about midnight, though. She usually does.

I have to say that I’m really glad I got the Baby Bumbo chair. I got it when Hana was about 4 months old, but she didn’t really like it. I was thinking that I had wasted money on it. But about 6 weeks ago, she started to really like sitting in it. It’s great for feeding her – I bought the tray that can fit on it as well. It’s one piece of molded plastic and is really lightweight. I also take it to the local restaurant Puchi House whenever we go there for dinner.

(We have the lime green one.)

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