Another Fun Day at the Pool

I took both little ones to the Edogawa Pool Garden by myself today. It’s much nicer, less crowded on a week day. I think there were only about 2/3 the number of people today compared to Sunday. When we got there, it was about lunch time, so we had some onigiri and I nursed Hana before we got in the pool. We played for about an hour, when they blew the whistle for everyone to get out of the pools. They do this once an hour to check that everything is okay.

Gaku is so much fun to take out anywhere, but especially fun to take to the pool. He’s so social and such a flirt. Today we “made friends” with another family, who had a daughter around 11-12 years old, going around the lazy river. He was splashing the dad and having a great time. Then later in the day he found a couple of girls who were about 13 to flirt with. They were splashing him and he was splashing them. He has absolutely no fear of the water and loves to be dunked in it and stick his head under the water. He was a bit stand-offish in the kiddie pool, though. Some boys a few years older than Gaku were splashing and attacking the life guard. Gaku was watching them and I think he really wanted to join in, but he was a bit… scared? worried? In the end, he got close, but didn’t quite join in.

Gaku started making funny faces for me while we were taking our break.

At about 2:30, Hana was getting really sleepy. We were in the “lazy river” pool, but Gaku didn’t want to get out yet. She actually fell asleep in her little tube in the pool. We went around about 2 more times before Gaku agreed to get out. Then I laid Hana on the sheet and he said he needed to pee. So I had to pick her up again, but she didn’t even stir. When we got back from the bathroom, I laid her down again and she didn’t move at all for about 30 minutes.

Today I took her Baby Bumbo chair. It was a huge help! It would have been very tricky to go to the bathroom without it. With the chair, I could carry it into the bathroom and set her in it there. Otherwise, I would have had to hold her. Also, she really likes to sit in the chair, so it was really uselful when trying to set up and put away everything. It also meant I could eat my lunch. She doesn’t like to be laying down so much anymore, especially if we’re out and about and there’s interesting stuff for her to see.

As we were getting ready to leave the pool, Gaku started worrying about how he was going to get his promised ice cream. I told him he had to wait until we got to the station. Right in front of/under the station is a Baskin Robbins. So we ate our ice cream on a bench in front of it. Gaku got in his stroller and he was asleep before we even got off the elevator into the station.

After dinner, Tak took Hana down to the bath (I got Gaku tonight – not nearly as easy as Hana considering he was really tired). When I got back from the bath with Gaku, she was already asleep. She hasn’t changed position at all and that was a couple of hours ago. I looked at her once really carefully to make sure she’s still breathing!

Well, the washing machine just stopped so it’s time to hang up the final load of laundry for the night and go to bed. It’s amazing how much laundry a day at the pool can generate.

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