Summertime and the Living is Easy

We were planning to go to the pool again today, but decided we’d better skip it today. Gaku had a low-grade fever yesterday. At daycare, he DIDN’T WANT TO GO IN THE POOL! That has to be a first time. Depending on how things go today, we’ll probably go to the pool tomorrow.

Gaku is really, really into cicadas this year. Last year he was interested, but a bit afraid. He didn’t want to touch them. This year he has no problem picking up the live ones. He’s also got quite a collection of their shed shells. Last night after dark, Tak and Gaku went to look for the baby cicadas crawling out of the ground. There were so many that the ground was white with them, instead of green. Tak said he’d never seen anything like it. Gaku was scared, so they didn’t stay too long.

This morning, Gaku came in and woke me up at 6:30. He said he wanted to go look for cicadas. I told him he’d have to ask his dad. Sorry, mommy is not up to cicada hunting. Eeww… I’m okay with the shells. And I’m okay with the live ones as long as they’re outside or in the box, and I don’t have to touch them. Gaku and Tak caught a lot of cicadas, but let them all go – good for the cicadas and for me!

On the way back from cicada hunting, they stopped at Mogu Mogu bakery and bought some bread. Gaku managed to get chocolate everywhere!

After breakfast, we decided it was time to “buzz” his head again. So I sat him on the deck with a plastic bag as an apron and got out the shaver. I set it shorter than usual this time (2 mm). I put Toy Story on the iPod and fed him lots of candy while we did it. Actually, this time I only gave him 3 pieces. He was much better about letting me “cut” his hair this time. I guess he’s growing up and knows that it won’t last very long. After that I threw him in the bath. He needed to get the hair off, and he was super stinky anyway. He didn’t get a bath last night since he fell asleep in the bike seat on the way back from cicada hunting.

Hana is quite funny lately. When I push the shutter on the camera halfway to focus, a red light comes on. She now realizes that this means a flash is coming soon. So she starts to squint as soon as she sees the red light, in anticipation of the coming flash.

If I hold the button just a bit longer, she’ll stop squinting and I can get her! It’s fun how much she anticipates what we’re going to do. As soon as I get out one of the slings and start putting it on, she gets really excited because she knows this means I’m going to carry her and we’re going to go out somewhere. She also gets excited when she sees me starting to put things in the bag to go down to the bath. And when we’re down in the changing room, she gets even more excited when Obachan starts to undress her, meaning entering the bath is imminent.

She’s starting to roll over onto her stomach a lot more and lift herself up. She’s also tucking her knees up under herself sometimes. So it probably won’t be too much longer before she’s crawling. Yikes!

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