Sad News, Life Goes On…

I haven’t written my blog for a while. I just didn’t know quite what to write for the last few days.

On Monday, I had a message on my mobile phone to call Mary Ann. I noticed that she had sent the message at 5:30 am her time (6:30 pm here), but I didn’t see it until a few hours later. I knew something was up because of the time she sent the message. I had expected something along the lines of Mary Ann had to go to the hospital because of her anemia, or something with her mom or dad. So I was quite shocked and very sad to hear the real news.

Michael Spaman passed away on Sunday night. (I’m not going to post any more details in my blog because not everyone knows, or should know, all of them.)

He has left behind family and friends who love him very much. I can’t know what he was thinking, but can hope that whatever was were haunting him has not followed him to where he is now.

Mary Ann, James, Shane and Holly: I love you guys a lot!! I’m sending you lots of (telepathic) hugs and prayers. I can’t wait to see you all when we get back to the States and hope that gives you something to look forward to!
Now, on a lighter note, here are some funny Gaku conversations/stories.
In front of the supermarket.
Gaku: Daddy, why is that dog tied up outside the store? Why can’t he go into the store?
Tak: He might poop in the store.
Gaku: (thinking) Well, I won’t poop in the store.
Hana was crying.
Tak: Gaku, why is Hana crying?
Gaku: Because I was picking on her all the time.
(I don’t think he did anything that time.)
At daycare, they have a fairly good-sized pool. This is the first year he’s been able to go in it. The past two years, he could just play in buckets and small inflatable pools on the veranda. They put one of those rings you can go through on the bottom of the pool. Gaku went underwater and swam through the ring!! Wow!

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