Kind of Blah, Ho-Hum Feeling

I’m feeling a bit tired and blah this week, a completely unproductive week all around. Oh well. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I have both Gaku and Hana for the day. I think we need to go do something fun, so I can reset. Maybe we’ll go to that water museum from the guide on kids in Tokyo? Maybe we’ll just go hang out at one of the jidokans (baby play centers)? It’s supposed to rain in the afternoon, so we’ll have to do something indoors.

Hana is getting more and more mobile and interactive. It’s so much fun to watch her and Gaku together. She absolutely loves her big brother! When she hears his voice, she looks for him. All he has to do is make a funny face and start laughing, and she’ll just laugh and laugh. It’s contagious. It makes me laugh every time.

Hana is already pretty tough, and seems to have a pretty strong will of her own. She was on her stomach lifting her upper body up with her arms. Gaku (on purpose) knocked one of her arms out from under her. She kind of made a small noise of complaint. She lifted herself back up, and he did it again. Boy did she let out a scream. She was so pissed! It only lasted for a few seconds, but wow! She was very clearly telling him not to mess with her. He didn’t do it again, but that could also be because at the same time both Tak and I yelled at him not to pick on his little sister.

Then a bit later the same day, she was playing with a toy. It’s an empty plastic bottle with some beads in it that I made when Gaku was a baby. Lately, Hana really likes this bottle. She was sitting in her Baby Bumbo chair and holding it, when Tak took it from her. She kind of complained a bit. He gave it back, and she stopped instantly. Tak took it again, and she complained again. About the third or fourth time, she let out her big scream. But it cut off instantly once she had the toy back in her hands.

Hana is also a huge talker. She’s always making noise and talking. Lately, I think she’s starting to make certain sounds when she wants certain things. She says “ne ne ne ne…” when she wants to nurse and sleep. If she just wants to nurse or be held by me, she says “ma ma ma ma…” Sometimes, it seems like she gives a half-wave to say good bye to people down in the bath. The wave could still just be lucky timing since she doesn’t do it all the time, but the two things she’s saying have been pretty consistent over the past week.

Hana also puts EVERYTHING straight in her mouth. I left her on the floor in the living room for just a minute and when I came back, she was eating Tak’s newspaper. A few days ago, she got a hold of my cell phone strap. It had some beads and some flowers made of fabric on it. The beads were properly strung on the thread, but I discovered that the flowers were just glued on, I think with double-sided tape. Hana had sucked them right off the string. A few minutes later, she was gagging and Tak realized she still had one of the flowers in her mouth, so I scooped it out. Gonna have to watch her like a hawk!

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