The Power of Wanting One Toy… Woody

Gaku is so into Toy Story it’s crazy! He’s been really into it for over 6 months now. We’ve rented Toy Story at least 3-4 times and Buzz Lightyear 2-3 times. Tak said we should just buy the Toy Story DVD so we can stop renting it. Every time Tak takes Gaku to the video rental place, that’s what he wants.

When my parents were here in June, they bought Gaku a Buzz Lightyear doll at Toys ‘R Us and would have bought him Woody as well, but they didn’t have it. After my parents left, I saw a set of Buzz and Woody at the Disney Store. Too bad we hadn’t checked there first. Since then, I’ve also seen the solo Woody doll at Toys ‘R Us. Gaku has pretty much played with that Buzz doll every day. He wants to wear one of his Buzz shirts every day (we have 4 that are EXACTLY the same, otherwise there’s an issue of “not that one”). Last week, his big thing was that he wanted Buzz underpants. So when we went to the dentist in Ikebukuro on Friday we stopped off at Toys ‘R Us and bought a pack. He was so excited. Now he wants to wear his Buzz undies all the time.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the local restaurant we go on a weekly basis. The owners have twin girls who are about 6 years old. There’s one tatami room in the restaurant which has a small box of smallish-sized toys. There were a whole bunch of toys from Toy Story in it this time. Gaku was really excited.

On Sunday, Tak said let’s go check out Woody toys. He kept telling Gaku that we were just going to look and probably wouldn’t buy one, but maybe. (I kept thinking, yeah right, of course you’re going to have to buy one with the way you’re talking…) I told Tak about the ones at the Disney Store and the ones at Toys ‘R Us. So (while Gaku was sleeping) we checked out Disney first, but they were sold out of the Woody/Buzz dolls. Gaku started to wake up so we made a quick exit. On the way to Toys ‘R Us, Gaku kept telling us not to forget that we had to go get Woody. When we got there, the first thing we saw was the huge Halloween display. Gaku started checking things out and I thought he was going to ask for something for sure. But HE DIDN’T ASK FOR ANYTHING! He just said he wanted to go get Woody. Wow! I was quite impressed with his single-minded determination. So we got to the section with Toy Story toys and they had Woody! It was at this point that Tak made it clear that he had been thinking of the smaller toys like the twins had at the restaurant. If he had mentioned that was his thinking, I could have told him they didn’t have them. Anyway, Gaku finally got his Woody doll! He was so excited, we opened the doll as soon as we got out of the store. Gaku must have said thank you to Tak at least 4-5 times before we even got on the train. Tak commented to me that he thinks it’s the first toy that he has actually bought for Gaku. Usually, I’m the one who buys toys for him, or he gets them from other friends and family.

Tonight is the first time Gaku got to watch the movie since he got Woody. I didn’t watch it with him, but I’m sure he was practicing lots of Woody’s lines as he watched. (I think he knows most of Buzz’s key phrases.) Today on the way home from day care, he was holding Woody and saying “howdy, howdy, howdy”. It made me really realize just how much language he does pick up from the movies he watches, and what a good mimic he is!

Some favorite Toy Story phrases:

“Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole.” (which gets changed to other crude phrases involving bodily functions)

“Reach for the sky.”

“Howdy, howdy, howdy.”

“Hey, hey, Potato head.”

“You’re just a toy, T-O-Y, a child’s plaything.”

“Mayday, mayday. Come in Star Command.”

“You should never open a space ranger’s helmet on an uncharted planet. For all you know, my eyeballs could have been sucked out.”


The Power of Wanting One Toy… Woody — 1 Comment

  1. My friend’s son is almost 4 and he is in the Toy Story phase too! He’s going to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and apparently wears his costume every evening.

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