Gotta Love ‘Em

It’s getting more and more fun to watch Gaku’s personality and his thought processes develop.

A little over a week ago on Sunday, we went “hiking” at Mount Takao. I say “hiking” because it was absolutely crazy! And it wasn’t hiking. We went on a Sunday during a 3-day weekend, beautiful weather with rain predicted for the next day, and during the leaf-changing season. What were we thinking! Oh, and apparently Mount Takao recently received 3 stars in a special guide book. Tak put it perfectly when he said it was “like Shibuya on a weekend”. There were just masses of people. It’s a wide concrete path, but I was getting bumped all the time. There were quite a few occassions when I really wanted to start telling off some people who were in a huge hurry trying to run around people coming down that path and in the process blocking the way for people going up the path. Anyway, it was still fun. The amazing thing is that Gaku walked the whole way, didn’t ask to be carried at all, didn’t have a nap, and didn’t have any temper tantrums at all (at least not until we were in the restaurant near home).

Yesterday was Kei’s birthday party. He turns 3 tomorrow. So we went to Toys ‘R Us to get a present. I didn’t go on Saturday because I knew Gaku was going to want something and I didn’t feel like dealing with it. Sure enough, he had a huge fit because he wanted one of the “go-onja” toys too. He literally cried full-out for 20 minutes. Who would think he could sustain such real crying for so long? But as soon as we walked out of the store and started heading to McDonald’s (where they have “GeGeGe no Kitaro” toys right now), he was all smiles and fun again. So tough to be three, wanting everything but having no control over anything!

Gaku has tendencies to be a bit of a bully with his friends sometimes. (But he can also be very sweet and attentive, so I’m not too worried.) On Thursday after daycare Tak asked him if he had been a good boy and played nicely with his friends at daycare. His answer was that he didn’t punch Taiki. Hmmm… such a specific answer. Tak wrote about this in the daily journal that is kept between the parents and the teachers. The teacher wrote back that he had punched Taiki that day. Knew it!

Today, Gaku came home with an origami heart. He was so excited that he had a present for Mommy. Then tonight, he was pooping (still in his diaper *sigh*, but in the bathroom) when I rushed in the bathroom to pee. Gaku looked at me and very seriously asked, “Mommy, where does your pee come out of? Does it come out of your butt?” So funny! He’s recognizing the differences between boys and girls. He realizes that his pee comes out of his penis, but if girls don’t have penises…

Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to talk to Gaku lately and see how he thinks.







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