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If you ever need to contact me in an emergency, the best place to send a message is to my cell phone. My cell phone mail address is:


I think Cathy scared a few people by trying to reach me through facebook. Thank you so much for the messages, Cathy! Unfortunately, I was at Tokyo Disneyland so my first inkling that something was going on was when I picked up my cell phone to check the time and realized that Mom had called my cell phone twice. Mom never calls me (unless something is wrong), so…

Grandma and Grandpa Smith were in a pretty serious car accident. Grandpa pulled out in front of a car (on a street where the speed limit is 55 mph) which pushed them in front of another car. Grandma (probably not wearing her seat belt) was on the floor of the car after the accident. Both of her collar bones are broken and she has broken ribs, but more worrying is that she may have a broken neck. The other possibility is that due to her age, the bone disintegrated(?). If that’s the case, she will probably be out of the ICU much sooner. Also, she could have a closed head injury. She lost consciousness for around 10 minutes. The good thing is that she was conscious at the hospital and able to talk and joke. But the doctors are still running tests. Grandpa has some broken ribs and some swelling on his liver. He’s in the hospital, but not the ICU. At their age all of these injuries are serious. I’m hoping for (good) news soon.

I hear the weather and roads in Michigan are particularly bad today, so am praying that no one gets into any accidents on their way to visit the hospital. I hope there are no more accidents over the holiday season! Please take care.

Update: Just talked to the ICU nurse directly. Grandma’s neck is okay. The collarbones may or may not be broken, but are not really serious. She has broken ribs. Her right arm is broken and they will have to do surgery on it. She will have to be in the ICU after the surgery for at least a short time. Her head is also fine. Haven’t talked to grandpa yet.

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