The last couple of months have been pretty busy. Just in a nutshell:

  • At the beginning of January, Hana got sick and had a high fever. With the fever, she had a febrile seizure. When it happened, Tak had her on his back in a carrier and felt something was wrong. I looked at her and her face was funny; all I could think about was the hard cracker I had given her about 10 minutes before. We thought she was choking. Tak was pretty panicked. I was doing what I remembered from first aid/CPR. Tak called an ambulance. Before they arrived, she started crying weakly. She hadn’t coughed anything up so we figured she had swallowed it. So, we went to the hospital by ambulance. When we got there, the doctor asked if she had been coughing afterwards. We said no. If she had been choking, she would have coughed even after her airway cleared. So he figured it was a seizure. They gave her a suppository to prevent her having another one. She was fine, but it was scary.
  • Hana does another scary thing. Sometimes, usually at night when she’s a bit tired, when she gets really upset, she will do the air-sucking cry thing. She will stop breathing for something like 30 seconds until she passes out. She’s been doing this at least once or twice a week now. None this week yet. I finally stopped by and asked the doctor about it. He said it’s nothing to worry about and that she’ll probably outgrow it within a year.
  • Gaku is FINALLY completely potty trained! Finally. Up until about 2 weeks ago, he was mostly potty trained, except he absolutely refused to poop on the toilet. He would hold it for days. We were setting a timer and having him sit on the toilet for 5 minutes, during which time he didn’t go. But as soon as he was off the toilet with a diaper on he would poop. After the first time, he finally realized that he COULD poop on the toilet. No problems since. We gave away his remaining 10+ diapers to his daycare.
  • We finally got Tak’s visa!! Yay! So now we’re planning our move to the States for April. We’re planning to leave Japan on April 22 and arrive in Michigan on April 23. I’m just trying to finalize everything with a travel agent. We’ll probably head back to Izumo for 2 weeks before that.

Today I printed up some photos and dropped them in envelopes for great-grandparents who don’t have computer access. I’m really bad about doing this type of thing, but it didn’t take me that long. I realize I need to do it more often. Just like I need to keep up with my blog better… If I don’t have time to write, I suppose just throwing a picture out there for family is better than nothing…

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