Cups That Don’t Leak

Well, I’m always in search of the perfect sippy/straw cup, one that won’t leak and that doesn’t break too easily. I liked the Nuby straw cups best of all, until Gaku and Hana got a bit older. Now they bite through the straw part within a day. They still don’t leak when closed, but are not really good for drinking out of anymore. Oh, and they are a bit of a pain to wash. So then I tried the Nuby sippy cups. Those were good for a few days, but then they bit them hard enough to break the part in the silicone top that prevents leaks. So now they’re basically worthless because they leak. So a couple of days ago, I took the kids shopping with me at Walmart and Babies ‘R Us and promised Gaku that I would get him a “small toy”. Well, rather than a toy, he saw a couple of sippy cups that he liked – they were Toy Story. I figured they weren’t very expensive, so okay, he could get them but that was his toy. He agreed and didn’t ask for anything else at any of the stores. Hana got a pair that were Tinker Bell.

These sippy cups are by The First Years. The thing I noticed that is different is that all the way up to the very top is hard plastic. Then there’s a small bit of silicone across the top of the harder plastic with a slit that they can suck the water through. So the part they’re biting on is the hard plastic. So far so good… A couple of days with no leaks.

Now, I thought I could leave them alone with their water for a bit and not worry about leaks. So I was a bit surprised when Hana comes up to me with her head and shoulders completely soaked! I was trying to figure out what had happened. I tipped her cup upside down and shook it, mostly full and no leaks. So then I went and checked Gaku’s. Hmmm… A bit suspect. No leaks but mostly empty. So I asked him why Hana’s head was all wet. He kind of smiled but wouldn’t say anything, of course. So I suggested that he had opened it and poured his water on, which he denied, but somehow this time his denial seemed believable. So what had happened? Well, about 30 minutes later, I figured it out! Hana took a drink of water, and what did she do? She spit it out all over the place in a very nice spray. Aha! Mystery solved.

Ahhhh… there may be leak-proof sippy cups, but there is no such thing as a kid-proof one!

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