Squirt Guns or Electric Collars for Kids?

You know, some days… Yesterday was one of those days.

They woke up fighting, fighting over toys, my water, my attention, snacks…

Some days I wonder… Would a squirt gun work? You know, how you train dogs to stop them from barking by squirting them when they don’t stop? Or what about those electric dog collars? In this case, something on the wrist or ankle that is remote controlled. Just a little tiny ZAP to get their attention…

I dragged Gaku and Hana off to the chiropractor with me. Sometimes they’re really, really good. Yesterday was NOT one of those days. While I was being treated with heat, they were playing with table. Gaku was sitting on it and encouraging Hana to step on the peddle. Up. Down. Up. Down. Nothing I said seemed to stop it. ZAP! Then when the doctor came in and was trying to treat me, Gaku was pushing on my legs. Then he started running around the room like crazy. The doctor stopped to tell him to stop running. ZAP! At least, they weren’t interested in the water cooler yesterday, since they had their new sippy cups with them.

Then we went to Wendy’s. They were good while I ordered, but Gaku was playing while eating, as always, and spilled milk everywhere. Then he was making me crazy while I was trying to clean it up. Hana almost spilled her milk. And Gaku realized he needed to pee, but thankfully decided he could wait a few minutes until we were done eating.

Then Meijers was a complete nightmare, right from the start! In the parking lot, Gaku was not listening and running ahead. BIG ZAP! I finally caught his hand, but he didn’t want to hold my hand, so I had to almost drag him across the rest of the parking lot. ZAP! Then we got into the store and he wanted a TV cart. I will NEVER do one of those again after the last experience, a whole story in itself. So then he was grumpy because I wouldn’t let him sit in the cart because I needed to buy some Sterilite drawers for the new baby’s clothing. So in retribution, he started running around the store. ZAP! Then part way through our shopping trip, I realized that the cart I had grabbed did not have a proper buckle for the seat Hana was in. I hadn’t strapped her in right at the beginning and now she was trying to climb out of the cart. ZAP! At one point, I had to stop and yell at both of them. Hana had kicked off one of her boots, and Gaku was playing with stuff from the shelves. ZAP! Then we were okay for a bit, until we got to the checkout. They were both climbing around like monkeys. ZAP! Then I realized that Hana’s other boot was gone! Argh! And on top of that Hana had a poopy diaper. So we retraced our steps a bit to try and find the boot (since the toilets are on the other side of the store near the exit we were parked by). But no luck. We stopped and asked at customer service (right next to the bathroom), but it was too soon for it to have been turned in. We finally made it out of the store and to the car. Hana was asleep immediately.

Gaku was okay for a bit, until making dinner. He was helping me make risotto and garlic bread which is great! But he was a bit too tired, and we had a couple of meltdowns. He did a great job peeling the carrots. Then the problems started. He wanted to try and grate them for me as well. But the risotto was already on and time was of the essence. Meltdown. So instead I set him to work opening the big can of diced tomatoes, which made him happy. I got the carrots grated, but he only had the can of tomatoes half opened and I needed them. So I took over and he had another meltdown. Then he settled down a bit when I let him help put the garlic on the bread. Hana also woke up from her nap somewhere in the middle of all this. And it wasn’t one of the days where she wakes up happy and agreeable. But luckily, I had hot cocoa waiting for her and this seemed to help quite a bit.

Luckily the rest of the night went smoothly. Bath and bed. So far, today is a much better day!

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