Appeals to Parents – 甘える

It’s so interesting to see how kids act differently when their own parents are gone and then return.

I went over to Jon and Colleen’s house this week. I watched Abbie for a few hours and then Colleen watched them for the afternoon. Abbie, Gaku, and Hana were so excited at breakfast that none of them ate very much. They were too busy trying to make eachother laugh. Then we read lots of books and played. It’s fun that they have cousins that are close in age.

As soon as Colleen got back, Abbie started really doing the mommy thing. She was using a kind of fake cry – half cry/half laugh – as soon as Colleen walked through the door. She wasn’t very happy sharing her mommy with Hana and Gaku, and wanted all of Colleen’s attention.

So, I left to go to work and they all played nicely during the afternoon. But as soon as I walked in the door in the evening, my two were doing the same type of “mommy appeal” that Abbie had done with Colleen earlier in the day. They were clamoring for every bit of my attention and wanting me to hold and snuggle them – even Gaku who isn’t usually so snuggly anymore. And of course the minute I walked through the door, Gaku and Hana started fighting again.

But then Uncle Jon came home and all three kids wanted Uncle Jon/Daddy’s attention. He was highest on the favorite person list at that moment.

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