New Doctor / Hana Sick

Well, Hana is sick again. She’s now always the one who gets it. Gaku never gets sick anymore (not that I’m complaining!). She was fine on Tuesday morning, running around and playing. Then she woke up from her nap that day really hot. I took her temp and it was somewhere between 39.5 and 40C (103-104F). Yikes! She had it most of that night, but woke up Wednesday morning fever free. But she was the fussiest child ever! Then Wednesday she woke up from her nap hot again and had the fever most of Wednesday night. Again, she woke up this morning fever free, but so fussy that it’s impossible to do anything with her. Hmmm… No other symptoms at all.

Well, today we had a consultation scheduled with a new doctor, Dr. David Schindler. I had been looking for a doctor to come check out the new baby at the Providence Alternative Birthing Center and he came highly recommended by the midwives. After meeting with him, I’m really happy! He is flexible about vaccinations and is willing to not do all of them and not start on them so early! Yay! I definitely do not want to do the HepB the day the baby is born. I do not want to start any vaccinations at all until the baby is around 3-4 months old, which is more like the Japanese schedule. I would much rather give the baby’s immune system a chance to get a bit stronger on its own before loading it up.

So, while we were there already, I had him check out Hana. He couldn’t find anything that was wrong with her, and said he guessed it was viral and probably Roseola. He said that once the fever was gone, she would break out in a rash. I’m guessing he was right. She didn’t get the fever tonight, but her right cheek is a super bright pink. I’m guessing the source is Chuck E. Cheese’s on Saturday night? Well, maybe not because I just read that the incubation period is 5-10 days. I suppose it could be from a shopping cart. It’s hard to say since Hana puts everything in her mouth and is always sucking her thumb. Oh well. To be honest, I’d rather have the kids catch some of this stuff when they’re little and boost their immune system. It’s tough on them (and me) to be sick, but I think it’s better in the long run to catch some of this stuff when they’re little rather than be overprotected. The good news is that she’s mostly through with the Roseola now, and if the fever is gone, not contagious anymore after 24 hours. And Roseola is nothing serious. There isn’t anything they do to treat it except medication to reduce the fever. Hopefully, Abbie doesn’t come down with it now. She doesn’t need to be sick any more!

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