Pictures (写真)

Okay, I have been absolutely terrible about posting pictures in the past year. For all my friends and family who are not on facebook, here are links to three albums I uploaded yesterday.

2009-12 Birthday and Christmas (誕生日とクリスマス)
Sarah’s birthday is December 8 and Hana’s is December 12, so on the 13th we had a joint birthday party for Sarah and Hana. They each had their own cake, of course! Then Gaku and Hana were pretty excited about Christmas. We had 20 people at the house for dinner – 14 adults and 6 kids. Unfortunately, I realize that once everyone was over I didn’t take any more pictures. So many other people had cameras that I neglected to take any more photos!

2010-01 Visiting the Schanhals in Grand Rapids
On New Year’s Day, we headed over to visit the Schanhals. It’s about 2 hours by car and we hadn’t really made it over there to hang out since being back. (We also figured there would be more snow.) I took pictures of sledding and playing at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, but again I was photographically delinquent and didn’t take any pictures of the kids playing at the house!

2010-01 Baby Shower
Here are photos from my baby shower. Sarah Rhodes and Claudia Goldenthal threw the shower for me. It’s so much fun to have gotten back in touch with them. I used to babysit Claudia’s kids; now the youngest is in high school and the older two are in college! There are also some pictures of Gaku and Hana playing.

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