Easter Bunny is Not Screaming

Gaku and Hana had been wanting candy for their Pez dispensers that they got for Christmas. Actually, Gaku could not find his (Buzz Lightyear) and so he wanted a new one. Before going shopping I had said that, if they were good, I would buy them another Pez dispenser.
I ran into Babies ‘R Us for a few things but I didn’t see any Pez dispensers. They had both been *reasonably* good in the store, so we made a quick trip to Target. I figured they must have them. Candy section? Nope. Toy section? Nope. Discounted Easter section? Bingo. Not Buzz ones, but they were 50% off and both Gaku and Hana were happy with them. Gaku picked out one that had a pink dispenser with a brown bunny, and Hana got the purple one with a pink bunny.
Lately Hana has this really loud, low, gravelly voice that she sometimes uses. It is so un-girlie and really cracks me up. So, last night towards the end of dinner, Hana was done and Gaku was the last one at the table still eating – as always. Hana went and got her Pez dispenser and tried to talk to Gaku, one bunny to the other. The conversation went like this:
Hana: (sweet voice) Hi! Talk me. Talk me. (gravelly voice) NOW!!
Gaku: The Easter bunny doesn’t scream.
Hana: (almost sweet voice) Easter bunny not screaming.
The conversation is kind of lame written out like this, but for those of you who know Gaku and Hana’s voices and can hear the conversation, it’s pretty funny. It had everyone at the table laughing.

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