Musical Beds

Sometimes playing musical beds can be tough, tiring and confusing. Last night was one of those nights.

Currently, we are sleeping in two rooms: the “bedroom” where Tak, Gaku and Hana sleep with two beds (full-size and queen) and the “playroom” where I sleep with Tsubaki on a double futon. Up until the time Tsubaki was born, I co-slept with Hana. But due to concerns about Hana rolling over on and/or kicking Tsubaki, I cannot co-sleep with Hana anymore. Sleeping with the baby makes more sense for me since I need to nurse her at night. However, Hana still needs to snuggle with Mommy to go to sleep at night. Therefore, I now get to play musical beds! There are two patterns to musical beds: Tsubaki is awake at bedtime, and Tsubaki is already sleeping at bedtime.

If Tsubaki is awake at bedtime, I take her with me to snuggle with Hana. This means I can nurse her on the left side while Hana lays behind me and reaches her arm over me while snuggling. We usually end up falling asleep like this and waking up sometime between midnight and 3 am when it’s time to nurse Tsubaki again, this time on the right side, so we return to our futon because I cannot put Tsubaki in the middle. If Hana falls asleep right away, I’ll sneak away right then and come back to the futon with Tsubaki.

If Tsubaki is already sleeping at bedtime, I leave her on the futon and go snuggle just with Hana. This is much easier for me. And Hana falling asleep first is the ideal because then I can come back to Tsubaki right away. But usually I fall asleep first and wake up when I hear Tsubaki crying from the next room.

And then there’s the added factor of Hana sometimes waking up when I’m in the playroom with Tsubaki. This means that I jump out of bed and go snuggle Hana (if I hear her) and then wait 5-10 minutes to go back to Tusbaki. Or Tak sometimes brings Hana to sleep in the futon the rest of the night, which is my least favorite musical beds situation because it makes the rest of the nursings for the night more challenging as Hana wants to continually snuggle and gets grumpy if she can’t, and I also have to sit up for some of the nursings so Tsubaki is not in the middle.

So last night, I woke up to hear Hana crying. But I was really confused. I looked next to me and Hana was sleeping, so I started dozing off again. Then I heard the crying again and woke up a bit more, only to realize that I was in bedroom with Hana and Tsubaki was the one crying and she was in the playroom! Jump out of bed and go to the little one. I can’t even keep track of where I’m sleeping and which kid is crying anymore!

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