Making Judgements on Craigslist

For some reason this really bothered me. Someone made a post on Craigslist which I consider to be inappropriate.

Here is the post:

Christmas Shopping on CL

Date: 2010-11-12, 8:56AM EST
Reply to: see below
Maybe you “could afford” a little more if you had a JOB instead of posting all those ads from your shopping list? CL READERS SHOULD ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO AID THE EBEGGARS. Donate new & used toys to the Salvation Army, VOA, shelters and Toys for Tots not these greedy lazy lowlife scammers who then return or sell their donations.

PostingID: 2056005799

This post is making a lot of assumptions that are all negative. (And the person did not have the nerve to post a scrambled email that people could send a reply to.)

It assumes that all people are able to work. Many people are not able to work for various reasons. Maybe they cannot find a job in this economy. Maybe they cannot afford to work due to the cost of daycare. Maybe they have some kind of physical or mental condition that makes it impossible for them to work.

This post is also assuming the worst of our fellow people. And this really irks me as well. Maybe there are people who look for free handouts so they can resell them. Well, so what? Maybe they need the money for day-to-day living expenses. And maybe they honestly cannot afford an item that they would like to have for their loved one.

I guess the biggest thing that bothers me is that it seems to be a huge stereotype. People who are looking to buy items on Craigslist and saying they cannot afford to pay for them = people who are lazy and have no motivation. Well, then I guess that makes me a lazy person with no desire to work who just wants free handouts and to scam the system.

I do wish that people would not make such stereotypes when they have no idea of individual people’s situations. My biggest wish is that people would think before they open their mouths and post messages online. Okay, enough of my soapbox for the day.

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