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Okay, so I’m redoing my website. I have a few reasons. My domain registry expires next month. The registry I currently have is a bit pricey with no extra features. I can pay for web hosting, including free registry for not much more. Second big reason for the change is I’m not completely satisfied with my site on Microsoft Office Live. I can no longer log into my CMS to update my current site and have not been motivated to figure out how to fix this. Also, I would like more control over my site than I have with Microsoft Office Live. I’m planning to integrate my blog into my website as well. So I will probably also be saying farewell to this blog with Blogger and moving it over to my new site. I also want to integrate more. I want to make it easier for me to update my site and my blog at the same time. Also, for people who are trying to keep up with what I am doing, everything will be at one place (well, two places… my site and facebook).

I spent most of my “free time” yesterday and last night debating about paid hosting for my new site. I narrowed it down to two: Web Hosting Hub and Host Gator. They seem pretty comparable. In the end, I decided to go with Host Gator for one simple reason: money. I can pay Host Gator on a monthly basis, but I would have had to pay Web Hosting Hub for the whole year upfront.

Now, to create the new site!! I thought it would be simple, but there are so many different ways I can go about this. I want a static site, with 2 blogs and e-commerce… So after more research, I’ve decided that I like WordPress for the blog and Zen Cart for the e-commerce. So now the question is how to combine all the features I want… Make the site with WordPress, with a tab for the Zen Cart? Make the site in Zen Cart? I’m a bit more against this due to the e-commerce being a smaller/non-existent part of the site for now. Or do I make the site with either a template or a site builder and have tabs for both the blogs and e-commerce? This is the choice I’m leaning towards… So now I have to decide about templates and/or site builders… It’s just about enough to make my head spin!! Too much freedom!! And not enough knowledge about all of the different software.

Well, I think I’m just going to have to plunge in and do it!! The best way to learn about all these tools is to just start using them. The site may have some growing pains and transform itself a few times over the next bit until I figure out how all of these wonderful, fun new tools work! (Yes, I am a closet tech geek.) And I’m off to work on my site! 😉

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