School Behavior

We’re having problems with Gaku’s behavior at school… too social and has issues with personal space. But I think his teacher is having problems with the whole class… I’m also beginning to think that his teacher’s expectations are a bit too high. He’s just in kindergarten!! I’m thinking that maybe all the kids need a bit more unstructured time to play and be social. I don’t remember having all of this crazy curriculum in kindergarten…

I think there is too much pressure on teachers to fit in too much curriculum (on a really tight schedule), which doesn’t allow enough time for other important stuff. And the curriculum also doesn’t allow for the fact that not all kids learn at the same pace and they have different strengths and weaknesses. I think this is especially true in early elementary school; kids can have an age difference of a whole year, which is really big for things like fine and gross motor skills, cognitive ability, and social skills. The age differences become less of an issue by the time the kids reach middle school and high school.

I’m not really sure what to do about it any more… Maybe I need to go to “Donuts with Doc” (the principal) next time and raise some of my concerns. Gaku loves school, but he’s getting notes home about behavior EVERY DAY. And in the last week, he’s been really grumpy at home in the evenings. Maybe I shouldn’t try and talk to him about his school behavior in the afternoon/evening; maybe just remind him of what he should be doing in the mornings before getting on the bus. He does better with the positive reminders at this time of day and is happy to repeat back to me what I said and he knows what he’s supposed to do. When I try to talk to him after school, he’s grumpy about it and melts down. Maybe because he’s been hearing about his behavior all day?

He really does like school, and I would hate for him to stop liking it! So, I think for a while I’m going to lay off talking to him about behavior in the evening and save it for the morning before school. Hopefully, this will keep him from feeling overly grumpy, still address the issue of behavior, and keep the conversation fresher in his mind at school. Fingers crossed!

Gaku’s artwork from his art teacher’s wiki site:

Printmaking Lines/Curves

Kindergarten artists experimented with printing lines and curves. After our first art lessons (drawing a variety of lines and Mondrian Lines), students used a straight edge and printed lines to create shapes or new lines (dashes, zig zags, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines). Students had fun exploring printmaking as an art technique to create different types of lines and shapes. Students choose either cool or warm colored oil pastels to add color to their artwork. Some students blended their colors to create new colors.

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