Evening Juggling

I’ve come to the conclusion that evening with three kids is like a juggling act where you’re constantly dropping and/or almost dropping the balls. Last night my husband was working late and I was running all over the place trying to get/keep all three of the little monkeys happy and get them ready for bed. And I was constantly missing the balls, but catching them on the up bounce!

Let’s see… how do we start the juggling act.

After dinner, I need to get the table and kitchen cleaned up: The oldest two are happily playing, well, okay, maybe not so happily as they’re fighting over the same toy with dozens of similar toys all around, but no, they each have to have just that one toy that the other one has/wants. The littlest one is okay, but the last toss was a bit erratic, so she’s getting ready to be dropped.

Halfway through getting the dishes cleaned and put away: The oldest two are really okay now. But the youngest one is officially dropped, hard. She’s sitting in her chair screaming bloody murder. Hmmm… Do I pick up the ball right away and let the kitchen go? I think that ball will just have to stay dropped for a few more minutes.

Kitchen is clean and we’re headed upstairs: Yay, all the balls are being successfully juggled, but just for the moment. The littlest one is somewhat content now that Mommy is holding her. But the older two are starting to clamor. The oldest needs a bath. The second one doesn’t. The youngest needs snuggle/nursing time. Hmmm… which ball to drop?

Upstairs: Dropped the youngest one (literally, in her crib). Hmmm… am I going to drop another one too? Nope. The second one is content to wait with a book for another five minutes, hopefully she’ll last long enough. Toss the oldest one in the bath, wash him up and leave him to play. The littlest one is still dropped. Uh oh. Have now dropped the second ball as well. She does not want her pajamas and once she consented to pjs, Mommy got the wrong ones. Meltdown, but just a small one. I’m able to very quickly pick this ball up again, and carry her off to bed. She is tired enough to be happy just being in her bed without Mommy to snuggle with. Whew. One ball safely caught and put away.

Just juggling the last two: So now I can pick up the ball of the littlest one and get her diaper changed and snuggle a bit. But, wait, now the oldest is done in the bath and wants to get out. And here I thought the juggling was going to be so much easier from here on out… I have to tell him to wait or get out himself. I continue changing the littlest one, while the oldest one is continuously calling. I am about to lose my temper and drop all of the balls! Luckily, the oldest finally comes out of the bath on his own, bringing the towel. Yay! He actually listened and did what he was asked to do! So can keep the littlest one next to me while helping the oldest dry off. Oldest one is dressed and wants to snuggle with Mommy. Great! He can snuggle in my bed while I nurse the baby. Successfully juggling all of them! The oldest one decides all on his own that he is sleepy and ready to go to bed, which leaves me with just the one and we both doze off. All balls safely caught and put away! Until the next day…

** By the way, this is one of the first posts from my new blog! http://samanthakawakami.com/justamom/
I’ve recreated my website and moved my blog. I’m also adding another site with a blog which will cover topics ranging from design, website building, teaching English… anything “professional”. http://samanthakawakami.com/professionalfun/
My main site is http://samanthakawakami.com.

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