The Never-Drying Laundry

One thing about being back in Japan is hanging the laundry. For a while, I was kind of groaning about it. But hanging up the laundry isn’t so bad. It doesn’t wrinkle as much as in the dryer. You can flatten out any creases at the bottom of your shorts before you hang them up and they’ll dry out nice and smooth. On the first day we were back, Tak said he figured we do really need a dryer. I’m the one who said maybe we really didn’t. They use a lot of electricity. But that was the first day back and it was a sunny day. I’m reconsidering my statement now. (But, then again, I could just take a few loads to the coin laundry to dry them out.)

We have a lot of clothing and blankets that we stored here during the 2 years we were in the States. The problem is that they were stored in rooms where the doors were hardly opened and the rooms were not aired out, and the house is damp… so everything has a kind of moldy, mildew smell. And I am highly allergic to the mold. All I had to do was open the doors on the one room and I started wheezing like I have asthma. I immediately popped a Benadryl, which compounded by the jet lag, sent me straight to sleep for a few hours. So now, I’m trying to wash this stored stuff in addition to our regular laundry. And we seem to have more of the regular laundry than usual as Hana has been having quite a few accidents.

My problem with the amount of laundry is hanging space. Now, if the sun would come out this would not be such a problem. The first day we were here was nice and sunny with a breeze. Cold, but sunny and dry. For the last two days it’s been damp and rainy. I cannot get the laundry to dry – inside or outside. The kids started to run out of warm clothes because we didn’t have that much in our suitcases. (Luckily, our air mail boxes arrived yesterday evening.) But the biggest thing for me is I can’t get more of the moldy stuff washed and dried out. I need a good sunny day to kill the mold. All the laundry that is hanging up now has been hanging up for 2 days now!! 

It looks like I should get my good sunny day tomorrow. Then more rain on the weekend… Hoping for some sunshine!!

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