Exploding Head

So I went to Tokyo for 2 days. I was fine on the trip to Tokyo, but I was in agony for the last bit of the return to Izumo, as soon as we started the descent… I have had problems with this in the past, but not for a long time and many plane rides, so it completely caught me completely by surprise today.

Basically, it is a sinus problem. I didn’t even feel congested at all before getting on the plane; another reason I was so surprised. I never have problems on the ascent, just on the descent. For some reason, I cannot get the pressure to adjust. I read online about it and someone described it as feeling like someone is stabbing you in the head with an ice pick, a fairly accurate description. It is such an intense and agonizing pain. Usually, there is relief as soon as the plane lands, but sometimes there is residual pain that can last for up to a day or two. I have found that the pain sometimes encompasses my whole head, so it feels like my head is in a vise or is about to explode. I often can’t help but whimper a little. And it takes all my willpower not to scream in agony and beg the flight attendants to do something, anything!! The feeling that if the descent continues my head (or something inside it) is going to explode is so severe.

Today, interestingly, it was only on the left side of my head. It was in my temple, the area behind and around my left eye, and in my upper teeth! It was so intense this time that I was actually worried that I might be suffering from some more serious problem, but as soon as we landed I felt a bit better. And after a nap and some lunch, I am now 100% okay. This time was pretty scary, though. I think I might talk to a doctor before my next flight…

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