So, we now officially have a chicken! I would have never guessed that we’d end up with a chicken before we got a dog. From Tak’s talk, I had kind of figured we might get one sometime in the future. They did have one when Tak was growing up. They also had a cow, but I don’t anticipate us getting a cow… ever.

Our chicken’s name is Koko-chan. Gaku decided on the name. But then he wanted to call her Tamago-chan (which means egg). But Tsubaki was looking at the chicken and saying, “Koko, Koko.” So Tak asked Gaku if her name could be Koko-chan. Gaku agreed. Hana, however, insists that her name is Tamago-chan, while everyone else is calling her Koko-chan. Hana gets a bit upset about this, but I think she’s lost this battle.

We didn’t buy Koko-chan. She just kind of came to us… Someone in Tottori-ken that Mi-chan knows had Koko-chan. But they were planning to get some other chickens that were a different type. Apparently, you cannot mix the types of chickens or they will fight. So they were looking for a new home for Koko-chan. The poor thing spent her first day with us trapped in a small plastic basket, kind of like a larger version of a shopping basket. The next day, Tak made her enclosure. He put Maru’s old dog house in it for her house and surrounded it with netting.

Tak was teasing Gaku that maybe we should eat Koko-chan. Gaku didn’t like this idea and asked if we could keep her forever. She laid an egg on Wednseday, but she broke it. Same thing yesterday. Tak went to buy food for Koko-chan. When he figured out the price of the feed and the number of eggs we would get, he said, “Well… Koko-chan is really more of a pet.” Of course she is!! She is super friendly and Tsubaki loves to go in her enclosure. Tsubaki is just a little bit afraid of Koko-chan, but if Koko-chan is facing the other way, Tsubaki will sneak her hand out and touch her just a little and then pull away quickly.

Our chicken in her enclosure


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