Just a Regular Day

Last night, I was thinking, “We didn’t do that much today…” And then when I thought through what we did during the day, it really was quite full.

7:30 am: Get up. Snuggle in the futon with Hana for a while.

8:00 am: Actually get out of the futon. Gaku is urgently demanding that he is hungry and must be fed now, and he wants pancakes.

8:30 am: Eat pancakes!

9:00 am: Get in the shower.

9:45 am: Tak takes the girls to daycare for a special meeting at daycare. He realizes at the last minute that Hana and Tsubaki are supposed to go too. (While there, he realized that it was actually a start-of-the-year event, kind of like an entrance ceremony.)

While Tak is off at daycare, Gaku and I walked Nami over to our friends’ house to pick up Tak’s car which was left there the night before. On the way, we stopped to play for a few minutes with one of Gaku’s friends from daycare. At our friends’ house, Gaku played for about half an hour with their kids.

11:00 am: Get home. Hang around the house for just a bit.

12:00 pm: Go to a ramen shop for lunch.

1:30 pm: Drop Tak off at home. I take the 3 kids to the local jidoukan (free play center for kids). The kids play at the jidoukan for about 2 1/2 hours. I keep reminding Gaku that he is a big kid and needs to be a little bit less wild. Gaku has fun building a house out of the giant blocks. Hana plays nicely by herself with the kitchen stuff for a long time. At some point, Gaku and Hana start playing in the house together, but no fighting! (They hardly ever fight when we’re out in those types of places with other kids around.) Tsubaki plays in the kitchen a bit, but spends tons of time jumping into the ball pool. I think that’s what really tires her out.

4:00 pm: Get home. Tsubaki is sleeping in the car. I quickly set up a futon for her, and lay her down. She doesn’t stir (unusually, since lately she almost never transplants well and usually wakes up). I grab clothes for Gaku and Hana and we head off to the onsen. Gaku insists he wants to go to Yukarikan, which is a bit farther away. But I figure Hana will sleep in the car, so a bit farther away is fine.

4:30 pm: Both Gaku and Hana are sleeping. I stop at Cow Bell, a bakery, for some bread, only they don’t really have anything left at all. I pick up a couple of brownies.

5:00 pm: We get to Yukarikan Onsen. Both kids are still sleeping. I play with my phone for a while.

5:30 pm: Gaku finally wakes up, and demands that we go into the onsen right away. I tell him Hana was sleeping and he will have to wait just a bit longer. He woke up grumpy and is whining and crying at this. I feed him a brownie and he shuts up. We wake Hana up and feed her a brownie (or half of one, anyway, since that’s all she wants).

6:00 pm: We go into the onsen! Nice!

7:30 pm: We get out of the onsen. Gaku is whining and carrying on because he wants to buy a toy, he wants to eat in a restaurant, he wants grape Fanta, he wants candy, he wants a toy… SMACK! All better. We buy some bread and milk in a convenience store across the street and eat it in the car.

8:30 pm: We get home. Hana and I don’t need anything else to eat, but Gaku wants mabou tofu.

9:00 pm: Kids are all in bed. No stories tonight. And no fussing about not wanting to go to bed. Good night!

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