Onsen Moment

So, I went out today with just the girls. We went to Matsue Castle to see the cherry blossoms which hadn’t bloomed yet. But it was fun and we met new friends.

On the way back, we went to our favorite onsen – Yurari in Hirata. Tsubaki was a bit wound up and crazy. I had to keep chasing her down until we finally got into the bath and she settled down a bit. Hana was being a good girl, as usual. Tsubaki may make me a bit crazy sometimes, but she is so much fun. I really like taking them to the onsen.

Hana and Tsubaki were playing nicely in the bath, when I noticed a mom and her daughter who was about 12 years old. At that moment, I just thought, “I am so glad I have daughters who can always go with me into the onsen.” And I also thought how glad I am to have a son who can always go into the onsen with Tak.

It was just a moment where I had a kind of flash of the future, sitting peacefully in the onsen with one (or both) of my daughters. I do treasure every moment of their current chaos. But I also look forward to a time that is just a bit more relaxing.

Tsubaki at Kitayama Onsen in February


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