A Little Girl Playing in the Street

I fell asleep in the “English Room” last night and ended up sleeping there all night. This morning I’m still in the kotatsu thinking I should get up, when I hear someone come to the door. Tak went to the door to see what he wanted.

“Excuse me. But there’s a little girl playing in the street all by herself and it’s dangerous.”



She put her rainboots on and went out all by herself to play in front of the tulips. She really likes flowers. Since Tak put the magnet on the front door, she can’t open it by herself (yet), so Toki-baba must have left the door partly open when she went out to sweep the front walk. Sometimes I miss western-style doors which shut and latch…

Gaku and Hana were never so much trouble. They didn’t try and wander outside by themselves. Then again, we were in Tokyo when Gaku was 2 and he couldn’t open the front door. And we were in the States when Hana was 2 and she couldn’t open the doors there. *Sigh” But somehow, I still don’t think they would have gone out to play in the street next to the tulips.

On a cute note: “rainboots” in Japanese is “nagakutsu” which literally means “long shoes”. Hana and Tsubaki call them “nagaboots”, a combination of the Japanese and English.


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