Sounds of Summer

I love the sounds of summer.

I love the sound of the frogs in the rice field in front of our house. The chorus of frogs’ voices is a nice way to fall asleep. I don’t even really mind the frogs so much, but that does not mean I will touch one or that I want the kids to bring them to me.

I also love the sounds of thcicadae cicadas. Their voices really make me feel like it is summer. Glorious long, hot summer days. But the cicadas themselves? I despise them. I have two problems with cicadas. One: they fly. Two: they seem to be fairly stupid and fly into things. I have this fear that one of them is going to fly into me and get caught in my hair, or something like this. To be honest, I don’t think this has ever actually happened to me, but the idea of it is still something that freaks me out.

Something I did not know about cicadas until a couple of years ago when we moved back to Izumo: cicadas LOVE cherry trees. This is a problem for me. We have a beautiful cherry tree in back of our house. In the spring, the flowers are really gorgeous. It is right off of the deck where we hang our laundry. Did I mention that the cicadas fly around in seemingly random patterns, flying into things?

Tonight, I was on laundry duty. I did a load of laundry this afternoon which was still hanging up inside the house. But I also had to do a night load because it had the girls’ swimsuits which need to be sent to daycare with them tomorrow. After the load finished washing, I tossed it in the basket and went to the back room to hang it up. Problem: the afternoon load was not dry yet, and the second drying rack was outside on the back deck. Earlier in the evening, I knew I was going to need it, but I forgot to bring it in while it was still light and the bugs seem less freaky. So here is how the whole scenario went down in my head from that point on:

Wondering… can I manage to hang up the laundry without that other drying rack? Hmm… That does not seem like a possibility. Way too many small towels and pairs of little girls undies. Flip on the light to the back porch. Scan for the bugs and try to get up the nerve to open the door. Hear a crazy cicada flopping around against the deck. Shoot. Wait a few more minutes. Silence. Maybe I can open the door now? Nope. One just came and landed on the wood beam right next to the door I want to open. Wait a few more minutes. Hmm… It seems to be settling in for the long haul, but I know that as soon as I open that door, it’s going to attack.

I really need that rack. I could wake up Tak and make him get it, but he’ll just get really grumpy and probably refuse to do it. Maybe I can actually open the door and go out and get the rack? The one that I really want is a bit farther away, so I would have to step out there to get it. There is another one right next to the door, but that still requires opening the door. If I open the door and that cicada, or another cicada, flies at me, I am going to scream and be hysterical. I will wake up Tak, and probably the kids, too. Tak will be really grumpy, even grumpier than if I woke him up and asked him to get the rack for me. I will also be sufficiently traumatized that I probably won’t be able to even open the door to the back deck for the rest of the summer. Crap. Crap. Crap. What to do!?!

Take a deep breath and try and put this in perspective. It’s not really going to hurt me if a cicada lands on me. So why am I so bothered by them? The chances that one of them is really going to fly at me while I am out there are pretty slim. I should just suck it up and go out there and get the drying rack that I want. I can see it sitting there. Okay, let’s do it! Umm… no… if one of those cicadas does fly at me, I am going to completely freak out.

This is getting ridiculous. I’ve probably spent more than 10 minutes trying to get up the nerve to open that door and grab one of the drying racks. Okay… crack open the door… so far so good. Slowly ease the door open a bit more… just enough to grab the rack that is right next to the door and pull it in. Success! I got the rack in the room, the door closed, and nothing attacked me! I didn’t get the preferred rack, but so what? I can at least get all the laundry hung up now.

So while I love the sounds of summer, I really do not like the critters that make the music.

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