Software Language (Adobe Stress)

Adobe frustration has surfaced again… As a global company, they need to get their language settings figured out. Their system irritates me far more than any other that I’ve had to deal with.

Here’s the deal. I can read some Japanese. Depending on the topic, my Japanese level is better or worse. My computer OS is Japanese, which sometimes gives me trouble with some of the more complicated server settings. But for the most part is fine. However, I prefer to deal with my remaining software IN ENGLISH. It is a matter of frustration and time.

I subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud so I have the latest software. I have continually set and reset my language to English in various places on their website and through the Creative Cloud software. But they still cannot get it right. Here are my issues with Adobe.

  • Often when I log in, I have to find the language settings and change it to English AGAIN. I have saved this setting many times. Why do I have to keep searching for this setting and changing it back to English?
  • Sometimes, it installs the software in Japanese, even though I have indicated English in a box just before downloading it. Then there is no place in the software to just switch the language setting. The only solution is to uninstall and reinstall it. Usually it will then install correctly in English, but there is one piece of software that I haven’t been able to get in English.
  • They send me emails in Japanese. Guess what? I just delete them without reading them, because I don’t want to waste the time figuring out their promotional emails. Hopefully, they never send me anything really important!
  • Now the final thing that has irritated me today. They sent me a letter about security issues that may have led to customer data being compromised. It came from the States. It is IN JAPANESE. Why, oh why?

I could figure out the gist of the Japanese letter, but went to the Adobe website to confirm the details. And here’s the funny part, this time, it took me to the English website! Why only this time? Why not every time?

I’m waiting for Adobe customer chat right now. I’m curious to hear what their answer is. In the past, I have not been impressed with their customer service, so we’ll see…

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